Navigating the Quality Cat Food Maze

Cat on table

Cat food comes in many variations. The price differences between the different cat food brands are palpable. But as with everything else, there is of course also a correlation here between price and quality when it comes to cat food.

Although the food manufacturers follow the same international standards for how the composition of cat food should be, it is also largely about the choice of raw materials, as well as the quality and freshness of the raw materials.

Cheap cat food from the supermarket or the discount store often means that the daily food ration must be a lot larger in order to maintain your best friend's weight and health. High-quality cat food provides a much better balance, where the daily ratio is smaller, which also results in a smaller result in the litter box.

At Petlux, we have carefully selected high-quality cat food from Essential Foods, ACANA, Orijen, and Monster. These are different products that both have an optimized relationship between quality and price.

The Jaguar from Essential Foods has a very high meat content and is composed of over 80% Gressingham free-range ducks and chickens, as well as Scottish free-range salmon and trout, supplemented with plenty of nutritious fresh eggs. The Jaguar is supplied by Petlux and is a very special treat for your cat.

Sportsmans Pride Super Premium cat food for adult cats and kittens consists of selected quality raw materials and a correct composition of minerals and vitamins. Sportsman's pride is a cat food that takes good care of your cat's health. It is a very popular cat food with many Danish cats and kittens.

Of Orijen's cat food, Petlux carries the varieties Original Cat, Regional Red, Six Fish, and Fit & Trim. Orijen is the cat food on the market which has the absolute highest percentage of meat. Orijen's cat food is GMO- and additive-free and contains no bone meal. Orijen's cat food is the creme de la creme. If you are in doubt about which variant suits your cat, you are always welcome to call us.

Cat food from ACANA has the same great traceability and hygienic quality as Orijen. The primary difference is found in the proportion of meat percentage. Acana contains approx. 15% less meat than Orijen, which means that acana cat food contains 65 - 75% meat, which is still a very nice proportion.

All products can be ordered at with fast delivery from our own warehouse.

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