Modern dog collars and high-quality dog leadsEnjoy an even better walk with your dog - At Petlux, we have collected dog leads in many different materials, shapes and colors.There are now ... Read more

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Modern dog collars and high-quality dog leads

Enjoy an even better walk with your dog - At Petlux, we have collected dog leads in many different materials, shapes and colors.

There are now as many dog leashes as there are dog breeds. PetLux has a large collection of luxury dog leashes, including the brand MiaCara, which has received several international recognitions. We have both dog leashes suitable for French Bulldog or Bichon Frisé. At Petlux you can get both long and short dog leads as well as adjustable dog leads in linen. We will help you find exactly the right dog leash that suits your needs and activity pattern, so that your walks will immediately become even better with a good quality dog leash. We guarantee  good quality and the best service.

The right collar

We have dog collars in many different materials that are both attractive and practical, all dogs are different and therefore naturally require different collars. At Petlux, we have both beautiful and functional collars for your dog. We also have collars for puppies that promote play and training and, not least, collars that are both beautiful and functional. We strive to offer you the best products. The right size collar is important for your dog's comfort and with collars from Petlux it also looks stylish. We offer a large selection in stylish shapes and materials that almost turn a new collar into a piece of jewelry for your dog.

Petlux has a large collection of modern and beautiful dog collars for all kinds of dogs. Braided leather, nylon and linen are just some of the materials we offer. You can e.g. get a beautiful collar in genuine Italian braided leather or a collar in sporty nylon. We have carefully selected our necklaces so that the quality is top notch and we have several necklaces with a focus on design and beautiful craftsmanship. We have collars that are classic, sporty and durable, so you can go for long walks in the forest or on the beach.

Other important things for the walk

We also have a leash for a small dog and you can get special eco-friendly and biodegradable dog bags for the trip. You have many choices at Petlux and can therefore be sure that we have the right products for you and your dog.

Are you in doubt about the size? Many of our collars and leashes come in different lengths. You can find a size guide by the individual collars. We are of course also always available if you need help, so don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.