Food supplement for the dog in motionUnfortunately, many dog breeds experience problems with their motor systems during their lives. One of the frequent joint problems is arthritis whic ... Weiterlesen
Food supplement for the dog in motionUnfortunately, many dog breeds experience problems with their motor systems during their lives. One of the frequent joint problems is arthritis which affects the joints that bear a large part of t ... Weiterlesen

Food supplement for the dog in motion

Unfortunately, many dog breeds experience problems with their motor systems during their lives. One of the frequent joint problems is arthritis which affects the joints that bear a large part of the dog's weight, such as the hip and knee.

There are different forms of arthritis. One is arthritis that all animals including humans will experience with old age wear and tear. It is arthritis that we all probably want to put off as long as possible. In osteoarthritis, the production of sulfur compounds decreases, which deteriorates the quality of the cartilage between the joints and the tissue around the joints. When the joints are no longer protected by articular cartilage and tissue, pain occurs which results in reduced movement and mobility.

Another form of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease in which the body's cells attack healthy cells in the mucous membrane around the joint. It happens because the immune system perceives an unknown stimulus. This causes swelling and inflammation. It is of course the inflammation that triggers pain around the joint. Rheumatoid arthritis is unfortunately chronic.

Some dogs are predisposed to arthritis due to their genetics and breed, others due to wear and tear, and old age, but if there is one thing that applies to all forms of arthritis, it is that increased weight does not help the problem. It may therefore be a good idea to be aware of the calorie levels in the food that you give the dog, aligned with his current activity level. Dog food and supplements with a low energy level will typically be called light, older, senior, or fit&trim.

Food supplements can be good for a dog's daily diet to supply specific nutrients, without necessarily having to increase the amount of all calories.

Depending on their life stage, age and situation, dogs may have an increased need for certain proteins, fatty acids, vitamins or minerals. However, as a dog owner, it can quickly become a jungle to find your way around the various food supplements on the market.

If you need advice, you can always contact us.

If you are in doubt as to whether your dog is deficient in one or more nutrients, or if you discover a critical condition in your dog, we recommend that you contact your vet for a diagnosis.

What problems should one be aware of with the active dog?

All dogs are different, from breed to breed and every dog in between, but one common thing is that they can easily develop problems with their joints, hips and other mobility issues. As a responsible dog owner, you should be aware of this. 

Because dogs' problems with joints and hips develop very slowly, it can be difficult to see when a dog is in pain and needs help. The dog can easily adapt to any pain and can make it more difficult to detect. The dog can begin to compensate for the pain, making it seem to disappear.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of any changes in the dog's behavior or attitude. If you catch the danger signals quickly, you can prevent many problems. It is generally a good idea to give food supplements and give the dog optimal nutrition that his body needs.

Early signs of joint problems can be a change in the walking pattern or in posture when the dog stands up. You know your dog best, but if you are in doubt about whether the dog has problems moving, always contact an expert.

How can food supplements be included in the dog's diet?

Here you can add vitamins, minerals and other things that the dog needs and which help to keep the dog's body healthy and fit. You may have searched for "which dog food should I choose" or "which dog food is the best" when you could just as easily have searched for food supplements and added this to your dog's diet.

Food supplements for dogs in motion often focus on the joints and contain several minerals, oils and vitamins, which help to strengthen joints and bones. It is therefore an ideal food supplement for an active dog. In addition, food supplements also contribute to a stronger immune system.

You can also provide food supplements for joint health to dogs already experiencing problems with, for example, the hip. These supplements are often made from natural and organic ingredients that are specifically selected with a focus on their content of vitamins, oils and minerals.

A good idea is to get hold of a food supplement, which is intended for aging or older dogs, to build and maintain the dog's cartilage. In dogs, just like in humans, it is the cartilage and joints that break down the fastest with age. Therefore, it is very beneficial to focus on this, so that the dog's joints and tissues stay optimal.

You may want to look for products that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients. Supplements with glucosamine can support joint mobility. The good thing about these supplements for dogs is that they contain salmon oil, which helps with skin and coat care. In addition, some of these supplements contain vitamins and minerals that strengthen the immune system.

Get help choosing food and supplements at Petlux

Feeding your dog correctly can be complicated but it doesn't have to be with Petlux. Here you are assured of quality feed that has been tested and carefully selected so that you and your dog only get the best dog food and supplements. We choose based on ingredients and content of vitamins, minerals and oils.

If you need help choosing the right dog food supplement for joint health, you can contact Petlux and our food advisors. Here you get competent and fast help regardless of your dog's needs. We ask about things like the dog's breed, age, gender, activity level, and any other details about your dog's specific needs.