Purchase in bulk to avoid dog food shortages while saving moneyGet 10% or 15% off by entering one of these discount codes at checkout.Discount codes: FEED10 (min. 2 bags), FEED15 (min. 4 ... Read more
Purchase in bulk to avoid dog food shortages while saving moneyGet 10% or 15% off by entering one of these discount codes at checkout.Discount codes: FEED10 (min. 2 bags), FEED15 (min. 4 bags)NOTE:Other discount codes cannot be used to ... Read more
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Purchase in bulk to avoid dog food shortages while saving money

Get 10% or 15% off by entering one of these discount codes at checkout.

Discount codes: FEED10 (min. 2 bags), FEED15 (min. 4 bags)


  • Other discount codes cannot be used together with the above discount codes
  • Club Petlux discount coupons cannot be used together with the above  
  • When buying at least 10 bags, we ship on half pallets

Elevating your dog's nutrition to new heights has never been easier. With the convenience of bulk purchases, you can ensure that your dogs always have access to premium-quality dog food. Whether you are a dog breeder, part of a kennel club, or simply have a pack of energetic dogs, Petlux has you covered. Our extensive range of dog food, available for bulk purchase, guarantees sustained nourishment and peace of mind.

The Bulk Purchase Advantage

At Petlux, we recognize the significance of bulk purchasing, particularly for large or highly active dogs. If you're a guardian to sled dogs, herding dogs, or a multitude of dogs, bulk purchases become a strategic choice. This approach guarantees a steady supply of nourishment, eliminating concerns about running out of food when your dynamic dogs need it the most.

Quality at an Affordable Price

Our commitment to your dog's well-being is exemplified by our diverse and reasonably priced selection. Brands like Acana, Monster, Orijen, Naturea Naturals, and Now Fresh ensure that your dogs receive meals made from premium raw ingredients, with meat taking center stage. These brands stand firm against GMOs and artificial additives, ensuring your dogs' vitality is supported by essential proteins and healthy fatty acids.

Meeting the Demands of Active Dogs

Large and active dogs have unique nutritional needs. Whether you're tending to working dogs or those brimming with energy, our dog food range is meticulously crafted to sustain their vigor. It's a well-established fact that these dogs require a diet abundant in calories. Our specially developed offerings are tailored to meet their high-energy requirements while preserving their stamina and robustness.

Practical Solution for Dog Breeding and Kennel Management

For dog breeders and kennel managers, maintaining a plentiful supply of food is paramount. Catering to multiple dogs necessitates bulk purchases, ensuring a consistent and healthy diet. Our bulk options offer the convenience of obtaining sizable quantities, sparing you the hassle of frequent food runs. Whether it's a kennel full of barking joy or a brood of playful pups, Petlux simplifies your feeding routine.

Unlocking Savings: Bulk Purchases as a Budget-Friendly Choice

Budgetary considerations play a role in every pet owner's decisions. Our bulk purchase model is designed to ease the financial burden of feeding multiple dogs. Volume discounts await those who opt for this practical approach, allowing you to save up to 20%. Your dogs receive nourishing meals, and you reap the rewards of an economical solution.

Catering to Individual Needs

At Petlux, we celebrate the uniqueness of each dog. Our extensive range spans different sizes, ages, and breeds, ensuring that every dog finds the ideal nourishment. From active to sedentary, puppy to senior, our offerings cater to every stage of your dog's life. Even dogs on specialized diets or those recovering from surgery find a place in our diverse range.

Selecting the perfect dog food can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. With varied protein sources, vegetables, and more, choosing becomes more manageable with our guidance. If questions arise, our customer service is just a call or email away. We're committed to providing you with informed recommendations, helping you choose what's best for your dog's needs.

Commitment to Health and Well-Being: The Petlux Promise

At Petlux, your dog's health takes center stage. Our commitment to ensuring strong and healthy dogs is unwavering. Through our comprehensive range of high-quality food and the convenience of bulk purchases, we empower you to give your dogs the best life has to offer. With our support, you can take a step towards fostering well-fed and joyful companions.