Benefits for you and your pet

Benefits, discounts, personalized offers, news, and exciting competitions. If all this is something you like, then Club Petlux is also something for you:

  • Points when you shop at Petlux

  • Special offers, tips and advice

  • News from Petlux before everyone else

  • Competitions with the coolest prizes

  • Part of the Petlux family

How to earn points

You get 1 point for every time you shop for 1 euro. Do you buy e.g. a dog harness for 25 euro you get 25 points in your account. In addition to collecting points when you shop, there are many other ways to collect points. It's just a matter of getting started!

  • 1 point for every euro you spend at Petlux

  • 50 points by inviting a friend to Club Petlux

With 500 points, you get the bronze level, which gives a 5% discount on your entire Petlux order.

With 2,500 points you get silver level, which gives a 10% discount on your entire Petlux order.

With 5,000 points you get gold level, which gives a 15% discount on your entire Petlux order.

How to redeem discounts

You have collected points at Petlux, and now you might be wondering how to use them to get a great discount on your next purchase.

To redeem your points, you need to have accumulated at least 500 points. Simply log in to Club Petlux and click on the "Redeem" button. After doing so, you'll receive a discount code that will appear on your screen and will also be sent to your email address.

When you shop at, make sure to enter the discount code at the end of the shopping cart process, and that's it! You'll enjoy your discounted purchase. Voila!

Become a member of Club Petlux and save money on your entire order - not to forget all the other many benefits for you and your pet.