The Ultimate Guide to Stress-Free Cat Traveling

Cat carrier

Eight steps to keep your cat safe and comfortable while traveling

8 essential tips to ensure your cat moves in the best possible way

Your cat might not make the best travel companion. This is because it is a creature of habit and taking it away from the surroundings it is most familiar with makes it feel vulnerable, anxious and insecure. Unlike a dog, your cat isn't excited about going on those family vacations and trips away from home.

1. Choose the best cat carrier bag

It is not safe to carry your cat on your lap when traveling. Invest in a good cat transport bag that will not only keep your cat safe, but also provide the comfort to sleep throughout the journey, which is the cat's favorite way to pass the time. Get the right size for your cat. He should be able to stretch and lie down without any distress.

If you are traveling by air, make sure that the type of carrier you plan to use is an acceptable pet carrier. The symbol to look for is IATA, which means it is air-approved.

2. Be sure to pad the cat carrier for comfort and to avoid a smelly mess

Get a soft padding for the bottom of the cat transport box. You can put its favorite blanket or a soft towel inside it.

Many cats pee when they're stressed, but you can avoid a smelly mess by adding a disposable absorbent pad that you can change quickly in case of pee or vomit. It is therefore advisable to take more than one of these with you on the trip.

3. Let your cat become familiar with the transport box

A few days before the journey, place the transport box at your cat's favorite resting place. Place its favorite toy or blanket inside it and let it explore and become familiar with it. This will help to relieve tension that naturally occurs when cats are introduced to new things. You can also spray catnip to let it get comfortable with the box.

4. Bring food and water

Now you should know very well how much food and water your cat needs every day. This should make it easier for you to estimate how much to bring on the trip. At each stop, make sure to give it enough water to drink. Remember not to feed it during the journey, as this may cause it to vomit.

Collapsible food and water bowls are the most convenient for traveling with your cat because they can be easily stored away when your cat is not using them.

5. Bring your cat's health papers

There are some countries that require you to travel with your cat's health certificate. In case you need to visit a vet, it is advisable to have your cat's veterinary records with you. This will make it easier for the new vet to know exactly how to treat your cat without causing him more discomfort or pain.

6. Keep your cat calm and relaxed

Bring your cat's favorite things such as blankets or toys. This will help keep it calm during the trip. If there's a stop in your journey, you can even stimulate it with one of its favorite dangling cat toys.

Feliway cat spray can be used to keep your cat relaxed during the journey. Pheromones are a well-known and calming scent for your cat and this atmosphere will ensure that you and your cat have a calm and accident-free journey, regardless of where you are going.

7. Put a harness on your cat

Choose a cat harness and test it several times before your trip to make sure your cat can't escape from it. Leave the harness on your cat during the journey and when you take him out, you must still keep the harness on until you have reached your destination. If a cat escapes in an airport or train, it is very difficult to get him back, so this is a preventive measure.

8. Get a cat ID tag

If your cat gets lost or separated from you during your travels, a cat tag will ensure that you are contacted as soon as it is found. Make sure you have written your name and all your contact information on the dog tag and attach it to your cat's collar. If you plan to travel abroad with your cat, remember to add +your country code to the phone number.

Note that engraved tags last longer.

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