Somali Cat

Cat that likes talking

Somalia, a country in the Horn of Africa, is thought to be the origin of the Somali cat. They are thought to be a natural breed, which means they evolved without the help of humans through selective breeding.

The Somali cat is thought to be a descendant of the Abyssinian cat, which has a long, thick coat and striking coloration. The Somali cat was first recognized as a distinct breed in the late 1960s, and it has grown in popularity as a companion animal since then.


The Somali cat has an athletic, slender physique and a medium to big stature. They have a long, velvety, and thick coat that is available in a number of hues, such as red, reddish, and blue.

Their eyes, which are often green or yellow in hue, are huge and expressive. With high cheekbones, a pronounced ruff around the neck, and a bushy tail, they have a distinctly "wild" appearance.

The average weight of an adult Somali cat is around 3.6-5.4 kg for females and 4.5-6.8 kg for males.

 They are also thought to be hypoallergenic, which means that less of the protein that some people have allergic reactions to is produced by them.

They live for 12 to 15 years.


Somali cats are known for their energetic and playful personalities. They are also extremely intelligent and inquisitive, making them excellent companions for those who enjoy spending time with their pets.

They are also known for their affection and devotion to their owners. They do have a tendency to be quite vocal, which you should keep in mind if you want a quieter pet. 


Somali cats have a thick, semi-long coat that needs to be groomed frequently to keep it silky and glossy. Use a steel comb to frequently, at least once a week, brush your cat's coat to get rid of any mats or tangles.

To maintain your cat's coat silky and clean, give them an occasional bath with a gentle cat-specific shampoo.

Regularly clip your cat's nails to stop them from growing too long and catching on the coat.

To avoid infections, check the Somali's cat's ears frequently and keep them clean.

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