The Definitive Guide to Understanding Cat Scratching

Playful kitten on cat condo with scratching post

Scratching is normal behavior for a cat!

Every cat owner knows how important it is to have a scratching post... for all parties!

The cat is allowed to scratch, which is a natural behavior like purring and breathing. The owner need to protects his walls, sofa and other things made of wood and fabric in the house. Ok, I say protect - doesn't mean that your cat won't give you that look, yawn, stretch its back and give your sofa good scratching :-) . But a scratching post will certainly reduce and prevent this from happening regularly.

*Kittens will grow and every day they will explore a little more, so we recommend you get a scratching post that can also be used by an adult cat. Unless you are a breeder and therefore often have kittens, these trees are a good solution.

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Scratching posts with hiding place are good for all cats - from very young cats to adults! The cosy cave can be used to play hide and seek for the kittens, but can also be used for a good scratch. For an adult cat, it is also a good tree with surfaces they can lie and sleep on, long scratching posts for a good stretch and the cosy cave when it wants some peace and quiet.

→ To make your cat more interested in a scratching post, spray some catnip on it - the cat will love it!

This article explains the reasons why cats scratch and how to change the behavior of cats that scratch sofas, curtains and carpets.

Scratching is a normal behavior for all cat families, from the smallest house cat to the largest jungle cat, but it is important for cat owners to change their cat's behavior for the sake of the furniture and other belongings. By giving the kitten plenty of places to use its claws, cat owners can avoid scratched furniture and curtains, and have a healthy and happy cat.

In order to train your cat not to scratch furniture, curtains and other inappropriate objects, it is important to first understand the roots of the scratching behavior. With the wild cats, it is to mark their territory, leave their scent and warn outsiders to stay away. Cats also do it to strengthen their claws and keep them supple and ready for hunting. Cats scratch wooden objects to sharpen their claws, the same way humans use rocks to keep their knives sharp.

While this scratching behavior is a normal and instinctive part of being a cat, it is not comfortable for humans in the home where the behavior extends to a priceless antique piece of furniture or an expensive leather sofa. To teach cats to scratch only on appropriate objects requires some training.

One of the most effective ways to change the cat's behavior is to set up some things in the home where the cat can scratch. Natural wood works well, but you can also use a carpeted surface or special scratching pads. By giving your kitten a variety of scratching surfaces, it will keep them interested and keep their scratching behavior where it belongs.

  → In addition to providing them with scratching posts, scratching mats and other scratching surfaces, it is a good idea to make them even more tempting by adding a little bit of catnip. Few cats can resist this aromatic herb, and by rubbing some fresh catnip or dried catnip leaves on these new scratching spots, you're sure to make them the most popular spots in the house. Catnip spray is good for this purpose - just give each scratching surface a few quick spritzes of catnip spray and your cat will surely find the scratching post irresistible.

Where you place the scratching surfaces is another important consideration. One of the most effective ways to solve the problem is to place a scratching post or scratching mat next to each of the problem areas. If your cat is attracted to your curtains, place a scratching mat doused with catnip spray on the floor in front of the curtains. If your cat likes to sharpen its claws on the sofa, place a scratching post right next to the sofa. This will help change your cat's natural instincts to more appropriate behavior.

By giving your kitten more suitable places to use its claws, you can protect your nerves - and your furniture. Scratching is a natural behavior for all types of cats, but scratching doesn't have to destroy your home. With a little kindness and a little practice you can change this instinctive behavior and make your cat more comfortable in the home.

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