Cat Litter Box 101: Get the Best!

Cat walking to litter box
If you are the lucky owner of a cat, whether it is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat, it is important that it has a litter box in the home where it can do what it needs to do in peace and quiet. Cats are incredibly clean animals and therefore do not need to be taught how to use their toilet, it is something they do automatically.

The location of the litter box matters a lot

When you get your kitten home and have to find a permanent place for the litter box, there are several things to think about.

  1. The tray should be in an easily accessible place, where the cat does not have to look for it for too long or go down into a basement or upstairs to find it.
  2. It must be in a place where your cat has peace and quiet to use it and where it does not feel stressed. Therefore, a quiet utility room/hallway can be an idea, as people in the home do not stay there for a long time at a time. Your cat must therefore have the opportunity to walk away from its people when it needs to go to the toilet.
  3. If your cat does not use its tray and chooses to leave "gifts" on the floor, this may be because it is unhappy with the location. Maybe it feels stressed or disturbed.
  4. If the location is fine and your cat can be in peace and quiet and uses the litter box as it should, then leave it. Avoid moving it around as the cat gets used to that position and therefore expects the tray to be in the same place next time.

Which cat litter should I choose for my cat?

Since it is important that your cat feels comfortable when using its litter box, the right cat litter is an important thing. Choose a type of gravel that does not dust as this is not nice for the cat to sit and walk around in.

The gravel is made to encapsulate the cat's waste and must therefore clump well. In addition, the gravel must also be able to neutralize the smell properly, so if you think the litter box smells too much, try switching to some other gravel.

The higher the absorbency, the drier the litter box and the less smelly. 

Maintain good hygiene

Good hygiene is essential both for your cat, but also for your home. Your cat can get sick if it has to use a litter box that is not emptied every day, even if your cat is an outdoor cat.

Therefore, remove blobs every day, preferably several times a day, and empty and clean the entire tray weekly, where all the gravel is changed. Remember that when you can smell the tray, your cat has been able to smell it for some time.

The optimal cat toilet your cat will love

If you want to be picky about your cat at the same time as thinking about the interior of the home, we at PetLux have the perfect solution. Sito cat toilet from German MiaCara is a killer new interpretation of the litter box where design, functionality and quality are combined and the result is out of the ordinary.

The toilet is made as a closed aluminum box so that your cat can sit in peace and quiet, and where the bottom can be disconnected so that it can be emptied easily. In addition, compostable trays are purchased which are placed at the bottom.

Among other things, they are environmentally friendly made from recycled paper, practical as they are thrown away after use (approximately every week), hygienic as they breathe well and dry quickly, easy to use and 100% biodegradable.

Sito is designed to be part of the interior design as a piece of furniture, as it is strong enough to sit on. Therefore, you can, for example, have it standing in the utility room where the cat can have its peace and quiet, and people can use it as a place to sit when they need to put on their shoes.

Finally, come into one of our stores and experience Sito's high quality and great design, your cat is guaranteed to love it.

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