10 Reasons to Bring a Dog Into Your Family

Happy family with dog

It seems almost an inevitable phase of parenthood that your children will eventually want a dog

And, while your first impulse may be to say no because raising children is difficult enough, don't discount the notion immediately away. Even with little children, having a dog in the house has several advantages. Obviously, this is a difficult decision, but the suggestions below will help to make it a bit easier.

  1. Teach Responsibility - Dogs require a lot of care, but that's not necessarily a bad thing - tasks can be divided between your children to create a sense of responsibility and give you a helping hand.
  2. Companionship - On those rare occasions when you find yourself alone in an empty house - for example, if all the kids are at school, you don't have to worry about feeling lonely if a dog is around. Dogs are friendly and are good company because they will always give you attention.
  3. Protection - As a parent, your first concern is always for the safety of your children. Unfortunately, your dedication alone may not be enough to keep your children from getting hurt. And if you have many children, it can be difficult to keep an eye on them all. Here, a dog provides an extra set of eyes to warn you in dangerous situations, and warns you if uninvited guests approach your property. Even breeds that are not traditional guard dogs will instinctively act to protect their families.
  4. Entertainment - Ask any dog owner, life with a dog is anything but boring. Even if you're exhausted after a long day at work, your dog will happily entertain your kids for hours, no batteries required!
  5. Caring for the Community - In addition to instilling a sense of responsibility around the house, owning a dog will instill a sense of social responsibility in your children. Caring for a dog teaches children to care for others.
  6. Unconditional Friendship - It doesn't matter if you've had a hard day at work or your kids have a bad day at school. Your dog will give you the same attention and love as if you had a nice day. Bad hair days and mismatched socks are irrelevant to your dog - he will love you for you.
  7. Better health - It may sound too good to be true, but having a dog in the house can actually lower blood pressure and relieve stress. In addition, dog owners often have fewer episodes of depression.
  8. Exercise - Getting motivated to hit the gym can be difficult after a long day at work, but having a dog allows you to get a good workout without leaving your home. Playing in the yard or going for a walk will provide some excellent exercise on your terms.
  9. Pest control - Even if your dog is one of the smaller breeds, it will still be far bigger than the mice and rats that may try to get into your house or garden. These pests will see your dog as a predator and will not bother you again.
  10. Better social skills - Research has shown that children who grow up with dogs have better social skills and greater self-confidence than those who don't. Also, with a dog there is always a conversation starter, so you will all be more likely to meet new people.

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