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Acana now has many variants and it can be really difficult to find the variant that suits your dog best.

Below you will find a description of the different series and what makes them special.

Acana Classic

Acana Classic is a series of dry food intended for adult dogs. It is the most affordable series in the range and really good for dogs who have normally fed  classic grain-containing brands like Royal Canin, Hills and supermarket brands, but who would like a step up in quality without having to pay a fortune.

+ Good value for money
+ Minimum 50% meat (of which 1/3 fresh or raw) up to 75% meat
+ Suitable for all breeds and sizes
+ Suitable for all age groups (puppies and adult dogs)
+ Contains meat from free-range animals
+ GMO-Free
+ Without potatoes, corn, wheat or soy
+ No artificial preservatives (BHA or BHT)

÷ Contains grains in the form of oats
÷ Vitamins are added (Rather than being preserved from the raw materials)

Variants in the ACANA Classic series:

Acana Classic Red | Acana Classic Prairie Poultry | Acana Classic Wild Coast

Acana Heritage

Acana Heritage is the oldest Acana series. Until the end of 2016, it contained oats, but has now been upgraded to be grain-free. If you absolutely WANT grain in your dog food, then you can choose Acana Classic. Heritage has been produced since 1985 without exception in Canada from Canadian raw materials. The meat content is between 60-75% depending on the variety and 1/3 is from fresh or raw ingredients, delivered fresh from the farm.

+ Grain-free
+ Exclusively Canadian raw materials
+ 60-75% meat
+ Meat from free-range animals
+ GMO-free
+ No artificial preservatives (BHA or BHT)
+ Variants adapted to the dog's size, age or activity level
+ Only added zinc and vitamin E, the rest is naturally occurring from the raw materials

Variants in the ACANA Heritage series:

Acana Puppy Small Breed | Acana Puppy & Junior | Acana Puppy Large Breed | Acana Adult Small Breed | Acana Adult Large Breed | Acana Senior | Acana Light & Fit  | Acana Sport & Agility

Acana Singles

If you only want one animal protein source in your dog food, Acana Singles is the one you need. It is especially good if your dog suffers from allergies and you want to avoid particular protein sources. The series is good for sensitive dogs at any point in life.

+ Grain free
+ Only one animal protein source
+ Good for food-sensitive dogs
+ Low-glycemic carbohydrates ensure stable blood sugar levels
+ 50% meat

÷ We recommend variety of protein sources, the more different the better. Feel free to switch between the variants.

Variants in the ACANA Singles series:

Acana Grass-Fed Lamb | Acana Pork & Butternut Squash | Acana Free-Run Duck

Acana Regionals

Top series from Acana that is grain-free with a high meat content from the best Canadian ingredients. The regionally inspired dog food reflects Acana's local heritage and contains more meat than ever. Acana Regionals, with its 70% meat (half of which is fresh), continues to express the rich diversity of fresh ingredients sourced from Western Canada's open ranchlands, prairies and clear waters.

Packed with fresh regional ingredients, the unique food features an unparalleled diversity of free-range poultry, whole wild-caught fish, as well as heritage red meat and game, all raised, fished or ranched in Canada, and delivered to the factory fresh or raw daily.

+ Grain-free
+ 70% meat
+ Good diversity in the ingredients
+ Low-glycemic and therefore good for dogs with diabetes or overweight
+ Easy to use
+ Raw materials from free-range animals
+ No artificial preservatives
+ Can be used for dogs of all ages and sizes

Acana Wild Prairie | Acana Grasslands med lam | Acana Pacifica | Acana Ranchlands

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