Everything worth knowing about a Beagle

Being a traditional tracking dog whose nose and sense of smell play a significant role in controlling it, the Beagle is frequently connected with hunting dogs. But because it is also a very friendly dog, it is particularly suitable for families with young children because of its tolerant disposition. He gets along with other children as playmates.

Even though it occasionally may bark, this is not a sign of aggression or fear. In actuality, it is not afraid of strangers and is very sociable and friendly with its family. Only its nose has the ability to mislead it. As a result, fencing your garden or yard may be a smart idea because, once a beagle smells something, it will follow it swiftly and mindlessly.

The origin of the hunting dog

The beagle was developed as a hunting dog in England, its original home. The dog was bred primarily for hunting companies due to its exceptional sense of smell and excellent tracking capabilities. This dog breed was more frequently utilized for hunting in the 19th century. Some French hunting dogs also entered the mix during the breeding period, giving the beagle its alleged moniker. There is debate about whether the name is derived from the French phrase for "open or loud mouth" or from a Celtic word for "small."

When there is a season for rabbits, hares, and sometimes deer, the beagle dog is still used for hunting. Furthermore, it is an extremely well-behaved companion dog as long as proper training is provided from the puppy stage.

Training your Beagle

The nature of the beagle puppy suggests that good and stimulating activity is required on a daily basis. You can start training your beagle puppy early and build the best relationship possible between you and your dog. It is critical that you praise your beagle and give him plenty of opportunities to use his nose. If it is not given enough opportunities to use its nose, it may become destructive out of boredom. If you want to keep your hunting dog in a good mood, all you have to do is play tracking games with him.

You might be wondering about the Beagle's life expectancy. You can expect to enjoy nearly 15 years of good health and companionship with your devoted pet with the proper training and diet. You should be aware that cleaning up after your puppy will take up the majority of the first year. It's a good thing that Beagles love food because food is a great motivator for all types of training.  

How big does a Beagle dog get?

A Beagle is considered to be a medium-sized dog. An adult Beagle, male or female, will typically weigh between 8 and 14 kilograms and stand up to 40 cm tall. It's not a tiny puppy that can fit in your handbag, but it's also not a gigantic dog. This is another factor that makes it particularly suited for hunting.

It is your responsibility to keep your Beagle from becoming overweight. The size of the dog is entirely determined by the diet you feed it and the amount of exercise you provide. Because if this dog was allowed to make his own decisions, he would eat anything he could get his paws on. As a result, you must remember not to leave any food unattended. Otherwise, you can count on your dog having long paws. Because Beagle puppies, in particular, can't stop eating, it's up to you to keep an eye on your dog's weight throughout his life.

The social and energetic dog

It could be due to their history as hunting dogs, but Beagles are extremely active dogs who require daily exercise. As a result, you can anticipate many enjoyable walks with your four-legged companion. It can also easily accompany you on a short hike or a run, if these are part of your daily routine. You just have to remember that your Beagle has a keen sense of tracking and, if not restrained, will instinctively pursue anything that moves.

You can occasionally let your Beagle out into the backyard, but it will thrive best when permitted to run with other dogs. This breed of dog has a moderate temperament and gets along well with other dogs in larger groups. It enjoys playing with others in a group, so families with kids can anticipate many enjoyable hours of playtime between dog and kids. A Beagle puppy can be energetic and gentle with its playmates, despite the fact that they can be stubborn.

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