Berger Picard

A Rare French Shepherd Dog with Calm Temperament

The Berger Picard, a rare French shepherd breed, excels in both herding and as a serene family companion. This versatile dog adores closeness with its family, eagerly joining in on activities from walks to sports. While it may not be a trendsetting breed, the Picard's exceptional qualities make it an outstanding family dog.

Unearthing the Rare French Shepherd

Originating from Picardy, France, the Berger Picard has been a part of the region's heritage since the 8th century. Initially a herding and farm guardian, it played vital roles during World War I. Following a near-extinction post-World War II, dedicated breeding efforts revived this breed in 1953. Still utilized for herding in France, the Picard dog has expanded its duties to serve as a police, rescue, and truffle dog, along with being a cherished family member. Despite restoration efforts, it remains a rarity, especially beyond France, with an estimated global population of 3,500-4,000.

Strength and Vigor of the Picard

The Berger Picard boasts a muscular, athletic build, standing between 55 and 65 centimeters tall and weighing 23 to 32 kilos. This breed is known for its distinctive griffon-like face, featuring long, narrow, erect ears, a beard framing the muzzle, and expressive bushy eyebrows. Its medium-length wiry coat, covering the entire body, stands up well against dirt and grime. Regular brushing is recommended to manage shedding. The Picard comes in various colors, including grey, grey-black, bluish, red/grey, and light or dark shading.

Independent and Devoted Companion

As a herding and working dog, the Berger Picard is intelligent, independent, and headstrong. While it exhibits occasional stubbornness, it remains obedient to its owner. This breed is both loyal and friendly, adapting well to family life, especially with children. It forms strong bonds with its family and naturally assumes a protective role.

Caring for Your Berger Picard

Raising and acclimating your Picard early on is crucial, whether for family or work. This breed is highly trainable and cooperative, responding well to kind yet consistent guidance. Adequate exercise and activity are essential for this active and athletic breed. Tailoring its diet to its activity level ensures optimal health and energy. Explore various feed options to support your Picard's specific needs.


The Berger Picard's unique blend of calm temperament, intelligence, and versatility makes it a treasured companion for both families and working environments. With early socialization, consistent training, and tailored care, this rare French shepherd dog thrives as a cherished member of any household.

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