Bolognese Dog

Bolognese dogImportant knowledge about a Bolognese dog

A Bolognese is a small dog that loves to be the focal point of the family. It has a big heart and loves its family and those around it. A Bolognese dog is wary of new acquaintances at first, but eventually surrenders 100%.

Because of that, a Bolognese dog is the perfect new member of the family if you want a loving and well-liked dog.

Origin and breed of the dog

The Bolognese dog breed, like all Bichon dogs, originated in Roman times and Italy. Bichon Havanese, Bichon Frise, Coton de Tulear, Maltese, and Bichon Bolognese are the five varieties of this breed.

The Bichon Bolognese was typically given as a gift to the wealthy and royalty. The name of the dog is derived from the city of Bologna. One can imagine that this name was given by a noble or wealthy merchant, as the dog was also popular among Bologna's aristocrats.

Appearance and age

An adult Bolognese dog weighs 2.5 to 4 kilos and measures 25 to 30 cm from foot to shoulder height. Because of its small size, the dog is assigned to FCI group 9, which includes small companion dogs.

The only color available for Bichon Bologneses is white. It doesn't have any markings or tints of other colors. As a result, it is simple to distinguish it from other dogs, but in wintry conditions, it may be challenging to see. If your puppy's fur is silky and smooth and has a different shade, you should be certain that it is of the proper breed. It is true that a Bolognese dog's coat changes at the age of 18 months and takes on the breed's distinctive, plush coat.

An adult Bolognese dog has a cotton-like coat. The fur is made up of long locks that curl and give the dog a tousled and fluffy appearance. The only exception is the bridge of the nose, where the hairs are a little shorter.

Although you would think that a shaggy dog with a Bolognese coat would shed a lot, this is not the case. A Bolognese dog sheds very little, and you will rarely find fur or lint on your clothes or furniture. Bichon Bolognese dogs are therefore a good choice if you have allergies. Consider Petlux's product line if you want to be completely free of dog hair in your home.

Needs, well-being and togetherness

A Bolognese dog is a social animal who enjoys spending time with the family. It is both affectionate and outgoing with those it knows, but it spends a lot of time avoiding new people. It must be socialized with both adults and children at a young age to avoid becoming reserved. This is best accomplished through lots of contact, praise, and play. A Bolognese dog is very sensitive, and you will not get far with harsh training or upbringing. If you still want to train and control your Bolognese dog's behavior, you can use positive reinforcement techniques.

Aside from being a social creature who enjoys close contact with its owner and rarely moves too far away, the Bolognese is an independent dog who enjoys being let out, going for walks, and learning new tricks. It used to be a circus dog, so if it can get some attention by doing a trick, it will be overjoyed.

A Bolognese dog does not require much exercise, but a daily walk of a suitable length that allows it to sniff its surroundings is preferable. This is because small dogs are more prone to becoming overweight. If you want to make sure that your Bolognese dog gets the right diet and the right amount of food, you can find it in our shop.

How to care for your Bolognese dog

Although a Bolognese dog's coat is hypoallergenic because it does not shed, it still requires daily care and maintenance. Because the long coat becomes tangled easily, it is a good idea to brush it daily and wash it once a week. To make things easier, we recommend purchasing a good brush and a Bolognese coat shampoo.

Furthermore, the Bolognese breed is prone to tartar and inflammation. To avoid this easily, make sure to clean your dog's teeth frequently and use products that eliminate this predisposition. On the shop, you will find a large selection of products that prevent these issues.

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