Border Collie

Border Collie

Border Collie

The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent dog breeds available and is the perfect breed for those who already have an active lifestyle. The fantastic dog breed comes from the borderlands of Scotland, Wales and England, where it was bred to herd sheep. Due to the great work that has gone into developing good cooperation skills for a demanding job, it is today considered to be the best herding dog breed in the world. The breed grows to about 53 cm tall and weighs between 14-22 kg. A male will usually weigh the most, and then they typically live between 10 and 14 years.

The Border Collie is a dog that requires discipline and fun activation

The Border Collie is an incredibly clever dog that enjoys being activated both physically and mentally. This breed is an intelligent working dog and is the perfect companion for long runs, agility or other physical activity that must be practiced every day to have a happy and satisfied dog. The Border Collie is incredibly curious and easy to learn, which is why challenging activation toys will be indispensable dog accessories for this breed.

The Border Collie's herding and protective instincts, which have been bred since the 18th century, are expressed in its demeanor, and it should therefore be socialized and trained from puppyhood. Socialization is an important part of the Border Collie's training, as it can otherwise be incredibly shy towards harmless strangers and animals. In addition, if not consistently trained, it may have a tendency to nibble on the ankles of strangers or animals, like it does to the sheep it is herding.

The Border Collie protects its territory and not least its family and is therefore an excellent guard dog. This incredibly active breed often does not belong in an apartment, and it must have the opportunity to get out and exercise every day. It loves open spaces.

Border Collie's coat care

The dog breed's coat length can vary, and it comes in many different colors and color combinations. It can have a short and smooth coat of measuring 2-3 cm, and it can have a coarser and longer coat measuring 8 cm. The Border Collie with the long coat will often have a really nice mane and tail coat, and its coat does not require much grooming. With a close comb or brush, you can easily keep the fur free of tangles if you brush it once a week.

If you and your dog often go out in nature such as woods or places with tall grass, it may be a good idea to check the dog's fur for vermin. In addition, with a breed like this, which loves to be outside, it will also be a really good idea to get it used to being bathed from puppyhood. This dog loves all kinds of weather, and after a good run in the mud it will need a bath. Here it is important that you find a dog shampoo that suits your dog's coat needs.

The Border Collie has special characteristics and a completely unique look

The Border Collie loves to be close to its owner and will usually be found close by - even when you are on the toilet. In addition to being a constant companion through thick and thin, this dog breed has a very special look. It was bred to herd sheep, which it does with a staring and intense gaze. This look will seem intimidating to some people and especially dogs, which should also be taken into consideration if you want to acquire this breed.

Activation toys suitable for active dogs

An active breed like this will always enjoy running after a ball and burning off energy that way. But it is also important that it is allowed to use its high intelligence in a productive way. Therefore, you should find activation toys in different versions and levels of difficulty. A Border Collie will quickly be able to find head and tail in the task it is given, and you should therefore look for dog toys and activation toys for dogs that have a relatively high level of difficulty.

Choose the right dog food for your Border Collie

When choosing dog food for your Border Collie, it is very important to choose a food that covers all the dog's nutritional needs. In particular, you must be aware that the puppy is fed correctly and with the right dog food in the first year, as this can have an impact on whether it later develops any diseases in its joints. You must therefore pay attention to choosing dog food that suits your dog's size and, not least, its activity level.

Since this dog is an extremely active breed, you should consider choosing a high-energy food that can meet its nutritional needs. In addition, like all other dogs, it responds very positively to words of praise and delicious treats. Precisely because this breed requires so much exercise, it would be a good idea to choose training treats or low-fat treats.

Remember that when you have to choose a dog breed, its activity level and mentality must fit into your everyday life. It is therefore always a good idea to research the breed and its needs before making a decision.

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