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Coton du Tulear dog

Coton dog grooming

When you get a dog, it is important that you look after and care for it. Of course, this also applies to a Coton dog. Fur care is necessary, as it otherwise gets a long coat, which can be very annoying. Therefore, here you will get some good advice on how to best groom your Coton dog.

Good advice before clipping

Fur care starts from day one when you get a new dog. It is a good idea to brush your dog's fur once a day. It helps to reduce the risk of knots and tangled fur. It also makes clipping your Coton dog easier.

A haircut for your dog can take a few hours and should always start with a wash with both shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, it is a good idea to let your dog out before you start so that the dog can urinate. It can be crazy if the dog becomes impatient during the haircut.

If you are considering clipping your dog yourself, you should prepare for the fact that the first attempt can be a bit of an experience. It can be a difficult process, but after a few tries it gets easier. If you are in doubt about the best way to get started, we give you a few good tips here.

Clipping Coton dog yourself

If you choose to be responsible for trimming your Coton dog yourself, you should get a clipper that allows you to change blades and use guidance combs to cut the fur in different lengths. It is nice to be able to switch between the lengths if you find something that works better for the dog. In addition, it is an advantage if you get a dog clipper that does not make too much noise. Since dogs hear much better than us humans, a trimmer with a high noise level can quickly become a nuisance to the dog.

It can also be an advantage to look at the weight of the trimmer, as you must be able to handle both the dog and the trimmer at the same time. And it can be quite troublesome if you have bought a dog clipper that weighs too much. Always make sure to cut your dog in the direction the fur grows. If you cut in the opposite direction, it will be uncomfortable for the dog and you will end up with a very short coat.

In addition, you should use scissors on the areas that are not suitable for cutting with a clipper. It can, for example, be around the ears or eyes. Here, curved scissors or small scissors with round ends can be an advantage to use. Before clipping, you should always wash your dog, and remember that the fur must be 100% dry and clean, as dirty fur can contain soil and sand which destroys the edge of your trimmer and any water from the fur can cause the edge of the clipper to rust. You can possibly bathe the dog the day before, which makes it a shorter process for the dog to go through. Remember to brush the coat well before you start trimming.

Get control of the equipment

When it comes to grooming the Coton de Tulear, it is important to have a handle on the tools you need before you start. Get a dog trimmer and a pair of scissors beforehand. Of course, it depends on whether it is to be a short cut or you want a little more length on the coat. Most people choose a short cut, as the fur is much easier to maintain. Here we would recommend that you use distance combs and a Moser Max50. It is typically the best dog trimmer for Coton dogs.

After the haircut, it is important to continue with good fur care for your Coton dog. If your dog has been wet or has just had a shower, it is a good idea to blow dry the dog and brush the fur through so that the fur does not get tangled. This can be done with a brush or a metal comb. 

How often should a Coton de Tulear be clipped??

It is different from dog to dog and how you choose the dog to look. But typically it is recommended that you cut a Coton's coat every four to six months. It is possible to go to a dog groomer, but in many cases you can do it from home. Trim your dog yourself with the right equipment, and you will get a dog that is always well satisfied.

As mentioned, it is a good idea to start washing the dog after the haircut. Many are in doubt about how often a Coton needs to be bathed, which is typically recommended every four months. Bathe your dog first and then trim and cut the coat. We are convinced that it will appreciate that.

Finish with nail clipping, ear and paw care

When you are giving your dog full attention with a fresh haircut, you can cut the claws and care for the dog's paws at the same time. It is just as important as it is to have its coat trimmed. Also remember to check the ears if they smell or are dirty, and clean them with ear wipes or ear cleaner and cotton pads. Use only products that are made for ear care.

So after the clipping, it is a good idea to find good nail clippers as well as paw wax so that the dog does not get dry paws. With all that, your dog gets the ultimate makeover and you can then sit back and know that your dog is doing great. Otherwise, there is nothing more to say than to wish you a good dog haircut and care.

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