Tips for Stress-Free Vacations with Dogs

Dog enjoying flight in cabin

When the family goes on holiday, many people choose to take the dog along, and we understand that. There are fortunately more opportunities to take your dog on holiday, and this applies both when you travel by car, plane, train and bus.

But when it comes to dogs and holidays, there are some things that are important to have in mind before you can take your dog on holiday. We have found the most important things that you need to know when you go on holiday with a dog, so that you can be well prepared for the next trip.

Holiday with a dog: Here's what you need to know before you leave

If you are going to take your dog on holiday, make sure you start the preparations before you leave. There are various things that you need to take care of before you travel.

First of all, you need to take your dog to the vet. Here, you must confirm which vaccinations it has received, as there is a difference between the applicable legal requirements for dogs and vaccines depending on the travel destination. If you are traveling outside the EU, the following applies:

  • Your dog must have an EU pet passport, which can be obtained from the vet
  • The dog must be vaccinated against rabies, and this must be done no later than 21 days before departure
  • Your dog must be ID marked, and the applicable number must be noted in the dog's passport

There may also be a need for your dog to be wormed against the fox's dwarf tapeworm, and this is an individual legal provision in different countries both within and outside the EU. This applies, for example, to countries such as Norway, Malta and Finland. It is also important that you check the destination's requirements thoroughly, as there are different requirements and rules, especially outside the EU, depending on which country you are traveling to.

Pack the most important things for the holiday with your dog

When it's almost time for the holidays, it's important to pack all the most important things for your dog. Here, destination and means of transport can of course play a big role in relation to how much space you have. However, there are some things that we would always recommend that you make sure to bring.

It's always a good idea to pack food for the holidays, so you can be sure that your dog gets the food it's most familiar with. Not only does it make it all a little easier for you, you will also minimize the risk of stomach upset if your dog reacts to any new food. In addition, it is also good to pack dog bags, treats and bowls for water and food.

At the same time, it can be a good idea to pack a blanket, a travel cot or a basket that your dog is familiar with. It helps to give it the feeling of security in unfamiliar surroundings. And then you must remember the dog's leash and collar.

Depending on the means of transport, a transport box is essential when it comes to dogs and holidays. In some cases, such as by plane, you may not always be allowed to go on holiday with your dog if you do not have a crate.

Self-drive holiday with dog

The easiest way to take your dog on holiday is of course when you choose a road trip holiday. The big advantage here is that you can easily transport the dog and take breaks along the way.

At the same time, there is plenty of space for luggage, so you can take dog food and similar things with you without any problems. There can also be space for toys and other goodies, which will give your dog a fantastic holiday.

However, a disadvantage can be that your dog has too little space on the trip, which can be hard on the dog's body. In addition, there is a need to constantly regulate the temperature and ensure that your dog does not get too hot, and this applies especially to larger breeds. Here, a cooling mat can be a good investment.

Dog and holiday: the flight

It has not always been possible to take the dog on holiday by plane. In the past, it was only possible if you had to move abroad for a longer period, but today it is possible to bring dogs with you, and this is ideal for long distance trips.

If your dog weighs less than eight kilos, it may be brought into the cabin on the plane. Here it is a requirement that the dog is transported in a bag or transport box and that it is placed under the chair seat during take-off and landing. If, on the other hand, you have a larger dog, it must be placed in a transport box in the cargo hold during the flight. You must provide a transport box yourself, and it must meet specific requirements. If it is a service dog, it is usually free to bring it along, and it can of course be included in the cabin.

The flight makes it much faster to get there, and in that way it is a very convenient way to travel. However, a disadvantage is that you cannot let your dog roam freely along the way, and that you are not responsible for regulating the temperature yourself, and thus your dog can run the risk of getting hot.

Taking the train when you go on holiday with a dog

A third transport option where you can take your dog with you is the train journey. In the vast majority of trains, you may take the dog with you on the condition that the dog does not disturb other passengers. Here, the big advantage is that your dog often travels for free and that you have plenty of space throughout the journey. It can also get water when it needs it, and there is an opportunity to sniff around a bit.

On the other hand, you cannot walk the dog unless you reach the platform at a longer stop. You should also be aware that the larger dogs usually require a ticket, and therefore it is important to check before you order the tickets.

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