Unlock the Secrets of Dog Sleep

Peaceful sleeping dog
How many hours does a dog sleep? This is a question that many dog ​​owners are guaranteed to have asked, and we understand. Because when it comes to dogs and sleep, you as a dog owner can quickly find that it sleeps away the day, but there is a good reason for that. Dogs need far more sleep than us humans.

How much does a dog sleep? The puppy stage requires many hours of sleep
There is a big difference in dogs' sleep needs, and it is primarily about breed and activity level. In addition, age plays a decisive role in how many hours a dog sleeps.

When your dog is a puppy, it will need to sleep up to 18 hours a day. Normally, their sleep needs are between 12-18 hours every day, as this is the puppy's way of growing and developing cognitively. Research shows, among other things, that too little sleep can hurt the puppy's development and health later in life.

It is important that your puppy can sleep somewhere undisturbed. Therefore, it may be a good idea to let it sleep in its basket in a peaceful place, and the dog sleeps best in places where it can feel safe and at the same time has peace around it.

Dog and sleep: How many hours does an adult dog sleep?

Even though your dog is about to become an adult, you should not expect him to stop taking naps several times during the day. Even if your dog is fully grown, he often needs to sleep 13-14 hours a day to ensure that he stays healthy, fresh and fit.

How much a dog sleeps of course depends on parameters such as activity level, breed and temperament, and you will get to know your dog's needs and sleep patterns over the years.

When your dog gets old, it is less active, but this does not mean that he will sleep all day long. Instead, it is a sign that it needs rest - just as was the case with the dog when it was a puppy. Older dogs sleep best in a quiet place where they know they have peace from children and activity in the house.

Where does the dog sleep best?

When it comes to dogs and sleep, it's not just about how much a dog sleeps. There is also a difference in where the dog sleeps best. In the vast majority of cases, it is a good idea to train your dog to sleep in a basket or on a rug on the floor. Your dog does not sleep better just because he is allowed to lie in your bed.

Your dog typically sleeps best in a place where it can find peace and where there is a comfortable temperature. Many dogs prefer cooler rooms, and therefore it is not only the location of the room but also the temperature that is important.

The dog attaches great importance to security, along with good sleep. Here it is important to create a safe base where your dog can find peace and settle down well. You can do this to your by buying a good dog bed and some dog pillows, which your dog can lie down on and be supported by and provides an improved sense of security. By using a dog bed, you also have the opportunity to move it around, as your dog will typically find safety in the dog bed itself and not just the surroundings.

Where should the dog not sleep at night?

Would you like to ensure that your dog gets the sleep it needs? Then there are also some places where it is not so appropriate for your dog to sleep all night. This applies primarily to rooms or areas where there may be a lot of activity in the evening, night or early morning. For example, it can be in the children's room, where the child does not sleep through the night because here your dog will wake up when your child does.

In addition, you must spare your dog from loud and sudden noises. We cannot avoid the fact that there are different sounds in our homes, and your dog will get used to that, but it can be an advantage to choose a room that is, for example, away from the road if you live next to a high traffic area. This also depends a lot on the breed.

Dog and sleep: It's about trying yourself out

Dogs and sleep are difficult to quantify and basically, it depends on your dog. However, it can be good to keep an eye on whether your dog gets enough sleep. If your dog doesn't get enough sleep, you might want to try changing some of the things that have an impact on your dog's sleep. This could be, for example, moving the dog bed into a cooler room, or investing in a dog bed if your dog does not yet have one.

If there is no improvement, it may be an option to contact the vet. It could also just be that you have a dog that doesn't require as much sleep as other dog breeds, and then you get more waking hours with your best friend.

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