What You Need to Know About Pet ID Tags

The laws governing dog identifying tags differ between nations in Europe. While some countries have legislation requiring dogs to wear identity tags at all times, others do not, but best practices suggest it. In general, identifying tags for dogs are a good idea because they can aid in the reunification of missing pets with their owners.

What does the law say about dog ID tags?

It's crucial to review and abide by the rules in the nation you call home.
In addition to identity tags, microchipping is gaining popularity as a permanent form of identification in Europe. The process of microchipping involves implanting a tiny electronic chip under the dog's skin that can be scanned to reveal the owner's contact details. Some nations mandate that dogs be microchipped by a specific age.

Should the dog's name be written on its ID tag?

The presence of your dog's name on their ID tag may make them more susceptible to theft because it may give the impression to would-be criminals that your dog is cherished and possibly holds sentimental value. In order for your dog to be quickly found and brought back to you, it is also crucial to have their name on their ID tag. It is a good idea to take into account your unique situation and take the required safety measures to protect your dog. Always err on the side of caution.

What to do when your dog runs away

In the event that your dog escapes the house, you should take immediate action to try to find them. Search your neighborhood, including parks, wooded areas, and other adjacent regions, for your dog. Ask your neighbors if they have seen your dog, and distribute fliers with your contact information and a picture of your dog in the neighborhood.

Report the lost dog to your neighborhood animal control office. They can help with search efforts and let you know if any dogs that match your description have been found. Share information about your missing dog on social media, in particular local Facebook groups and pages for lost and found pets. 

Check local veterinary offices and animal shelters in person to check whether your dog has been brought in. Get your family and friends to look out for your dog. Even if you don't find your dog straight away, keep looking. Numerous lost dogs eventually find their owners.

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