Benefits of Opting for Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

Dog with poop bag

All dog owners know the tedious job of picking up after our four-legged friends on a walk. It may not be one of the nicest aspects of having a dog. But nonetheless, it must be done for the sake of the environment and for the sake of other fellow human beings. Most people have probably tried to be inattentive for a short moment on the pavement, and thus just happen to put their foot in an unfortunate place, where an unknown dog's owner has JUST forgotten about the poop bags. Yes, the feeling or smell of stepping on poop is not the greatest.

Dog bags are therefore a necessary part of having a dog. Many people often use the supermarket's regular black bags which are quickly tied around the string on the way out the door. But why not make a little more out of it? It makes the walk a much better experience.

Petlux has Green Bone Dog Bags, which are made from recycled materials. In addition, all packaging is also made from recycled materials. It gives the dog owner a unique opportunity to be a little more environmentally conscious on a daily basis without using a whole lot of extra resources.

The dog bags from Green Bone are available with both a neutral scent and scented which makes the whole sensory experience while picking the poop a little more bearable. Especially if there is no waste bin nearby.

Green Bone dog bags contain the substance EPI, which helps to break down the bags, which is not found in ordinary plastic ​​bags.

The bags come with a nice little dispenser, which makes it possible to have a whole roll with you, making it convenient to always have bags with you, and saves on the preparation time on the way out the door!

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