Essential Foods Dog Food

ESSENTIAL FOODS is something very special.
To begin with, all of the food we sell for your four-legged best friend is high-quality food from the best brands on the market. We at Petlux never compromise on quality because we believe that if you can choose the best for your dog, we should do the same.

We are ESSENTIAL FOODS dealers.
We guarantee the quality of all dry dog food bags that you will find in our shop in the dog food category because both our food and our other products are carefully selected. When you buy food from the Petlux range, you are making an excellent choice for your dog, regardless of which product you believe is best for you and your dog. As a result, when asked to recommend one product over another, we have conflicting feelings. Nonetheless, we dare to single out the ESSENTIAL FOODS brand for its distinct qualities - but this does not imply that the brand is the best choice for all dogs or dog owners.

Your dog will be healthier with the right food
Petlux is very concerned with the quality of the dog food that we provide to our customers. ESSENTIAL FOODS dog food and dog snacks are unique. The brand's products are "dog meals" rather than just dog food. The focus at ESSENTIAL FOODS is on your dog's health. ESSENTIAL FOODS has extensive knowledge and experience in what a dog's diet should include in order to provide them with the best possible quality of life. The goal is to make a difference and help the dog live a healthier and better life by changing their eating habits.

The right ingredients strengthen the health of the dog
At Petlux, you can purchase meals from ESSENTIAL FOODS that are high in nutrients that help keep blood sugar levels stable and contain only ingredients that benefit and strengthen your best friend's health. Diet is essential to a dog's overall health.

At the same time, it is a natural, positive result of a balanced diet that your dog will live longer - unless struck by illness or other unforeseen circumstances. As a dog owner, you should prioritize diet. However, proper nutrition is never enough on its own. Health is an all-encompassing issue. If you want to prioritize your dog's health and well-being in all areas, you should also consider exercise, play, and safety, among other things - you know your dog best. To meet your dog's exercise needs, you'll need a good leash, and things like a really good dog shampoo and brush can do wonders for their health.

Good dog food reflects the dog's natural eating habits
Io live up to ESSENTIAL FOODS' own commitment that the dog should get the most out of its meal, ESSENTIAL FOODS has developed its own principle: the BOF principle. BOF stands for "Behavioural Optimising Foods," and it is essentially based on restoring the dog's natural eating habits and diet. This helps to keep the dog's blood sugar levels stable, making it an excellent value for one of the best dog foods on the market. Petlux dog food and dog treats are delivered quickly throughout Germany.

The right energy intake from the right food sources
The energy supply from the various macronutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrates is carefully balanced in the feed mixtures so that your dog receives the best nutrition possible.

ESSENTIAL FOODS has taken the time to read the research in this area, conduct their own testing, and thoroughly research the best way for dogs to eat. The brand presents you with the results of its efforts with the products that you will find on the market: its recommendations on what your dog should eat to have the best conditions in life. We can confidently rank ESSENTIAL FOODS dog food or meal as one of the very best dog foods on the market because of the great effort the brand puts into everything they do and the expertise to back it up.

With ESSENTIAL FOODS you have your dog's diet under control


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