Essential Foods Highland Living dog food

The teeth and jaws of dogs and cats are incredibly strong by nature, and their small digestive tracts are designed to metabolize the proteins and lipids in meat. It is therefore reasonable that dog food has the appropriate level of protein. Since grains in dog food can cause allergies to storage mites, a grain-free diet is also best for dogs with allergies. Additionally, it's crucial to maintain a constant blood sugar level in the dog, particularly for diabetic dogs.

Why is it good to avoid grains in dog food?

Grains and potatoes are easily converted into sugar and cause significant fluctuations in the blood sugar level of the dog. By substituting chickpeas for grains or potatoes, you ensure a much more stable blood sugar level, which means diabetic dogs can benefit as well. Some dogs have red and bald spots and scratch a lot, which could indicate that your dog has a storage mite allergy. Storage mites are more prevalent in grain than in meat. You can avoid feed containing storage mites by providing grain-free dog food.

Always consult your own veterinarian for diabetes and allergy-related issues. 

What is the Essential Foods BOF principle?

The BOF philosophy was created by Essential Food in order to uphold its own commitment that the dog should acquire the most nutritional value from the meal. The term "Behavioural Optimizing Foods," or simply "BOF," refers to foods that replicate the dog's natural eating patterns and diet. It helps to maintain the dog's blood sugar level consistently throughout the day.

Furthermore, because of the high content of fresh protein sources and the low cooking temperature, this process retains all of the good and important nutrients in the best possible way.  

Your dog will love Highland Living 

Essential Foods Highland Living is a special complete food that is free of grains and chicken and is heavily influenced by the Scottish Highlands, prepared with an abundance of delectable regional and local ingredients, including salmon, berries, fruit, vegetables, partridge, pigeon, Norfolk Black turkey, and Aberdeen Angus beef. The meal adheres to the BOF principle to maintain constant blood sugar levels.

The right energy intake from the right food sources

It is critical that the energy intake from the various macronutrients protein, fat, and carbohydrate is correctly coordinated in the feed mixtures when dog food is manufactured, so that your dog receives the correct amount. Essential Foods has spent many years researching and testing what your dog's food should contain so that your dog eats the best, and nothing is left to chance with a food like Highland Living. Your dog will eat in the best way possible, getting all of the important nutrients it requires to maintain a stable blood sugar, get the right amount of protein, and avoid grain products.  

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