Flea Products for Dogs & Cats

Cat with flea

The arrival of spring means fleas - prevention is really important with regards to your dog and cat.

Spring is approaching, despite the fact that winter's frost has not yet disappeared. This translates to more beautiful daylight hours and more greenery, but spring also heralds an increase in unwelcome visitors like fleas because you and your pets will be spending more time outside.

Because fleas cannot tolerate frost, the higher temperatures outside allow them to survive. This can put dogs at danger of contracting an infection from another dog or cat.

Preventive measures are therefore especially crucial at this time of year to avoid having to deal with fleas for the whole of the season.

If you first address the flea issue indoors, it may be really challenging to eradicate the fleas once again. Flea eggs can lay latent for several months in a variety of locations, such as in floor cracks. This means a flea problem that initially seems to be resolved may come back many months later.

In the worst-case scenario, your dog or cat may develop a flea allergy. Some animals can develop a flea allergy from the first bite. To avert difficulties, it is therefore critical to practice prevention. 

In order to avoid toxins, it is a good idea to choose a more organic product. Be cautious that a product may still include hormone-disrupting ingredients even if it is natural. We humans are familiar with it from a different realm—human dermatology. Purchasing creams with natural ingredients has become increasingly popular, which is an excellent place to start. We simply tend to forget that some components are meant to be used and may not necessarily have skin-beneficial properties. 

For both dogs and cats, Biospotix is a line of flea treatment products. The French veterinarians who developed the series are all-natural. Geranoil is the name of the active ingredient in the Biospotix flea control line. A blend of plant oils that make up geranoil restrict the flea's airways as a result of their chemical makeup, killing it.

Because it is a non-poisonous flea treatment and does not enter the bloodstream, Biospotix is extremely safe to use. The treatment is not only effective against fleas but also against ticks and lice.

For both dogs and cats, the Biospotix range offers pipettes and flea collars. Additionally, there is Biogance/Biospotix flea shampoo for dogs and cats, as well as Biospotix Indoor Spray for the home (it works on both cats and dogs).

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