Choose the Right Toys for Your Puppy

Puppy with toys

Keep your pup active and entertained while taming destructive chewing habits

A puppy is like a child, and is ready for play and learn while exploring its surroundings. A good way to introduce the puppy to a healthy lifestyle is to provide it with different puppy toys designed specifically for its needs. Toys will reduce your puppy's overall stress level and prevent boredom.

Size matters

Regardless of the breed, your puppy is a small creature. Only buy toys that are appropriate for breed and age/size. Something too small can get stuck in the throat or the puppy can swallow it. Even the best quality toys can be ruined by large breeds if you give them toys meant for smaller breeds.

Use good judgment when choosing toys for your puppy. Just because it's a dog toy doesn't necessarily mean it's safe for your pup to play with. Be aware of choking hazards and materials that can carry bacteria.

Types of puppy toys

Plush puppy toys

These toys are usually made of cotton, fleece, canvas or artificial leather. They are cute and sweet. The ones that make beeping or squeaking noises will be good for your puppy as he tries to discover where the noise is coming from.

Puppy chew toys

As puppies like to bite and chew, it is a good idea to get a good quality chew toy. They are usually made of rubber, rope or nylon. They are free of toxic substances and safe for your puppy to bite on.

You can also get edible chew toys like beef bones or compressed dog food for your puppy.

Dispense puppy toys

These types of toys will release a treat when your puppy plays with them. Some dog owners like this type of toy because it helps their pups curb their overeating, which is a problem for some.

Interactive / intelligent toys

You can get toys that will let you and your puppy play together, like pick up and drop off. This type of toy can help you train your dog to obey commands.

Interactive toys will keep your puppy occupied while stimulating his mental abilities. Training your puppy's mind is just as important as training its body.

Throwing toys

Throwing toys can come in many different forms, such as a ball sling, a plush duck with a piece of rope sewn on, a tennis ball you just throw to the dog, which is almost always a hit, and much more. Most puppies and dogs in general love to run after things and bring them back to the owner, then make the trip over and over again. The puppy also gets to use a bit of its hunting instinct, and has lots of fun at the same time.

Puppy toys with dental benefits

Don't overlook the importance of toys for your puppy. They also play an important role in its dental hygiene. Chew toys can clean his teeth and massage his gums while he plays with them. This type of activity ensures that there is no accumulation of tartar and plaque.

Don't leave your puppy's dental hygiene to chew toys alone. Invest in a good dog toothbrush and toothpaste to clean his teeth. By starting early, you will get him used to and comfortable with this process in his adult years. For a greater effect, add Biogance DentiPlaque to its food according to the dosage instructions, which ensures that plaque and tartar do not build up on the dog's teeth.

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