Great Dane

Great Dane


The Great Dane is a large dog breed that originated in Germany. The towering breed, known as the "Apollo of dogs," was employed both in battle and for hunting. Historical artifacts from 36 BC depict the Great Dane on Greek currency.

In the 14th century, this dog was a skilled hunter of wild boar. The dog was also known to handle a bear. It is believed that the breed was a mixture of Wolfhounds, Old English Mastiffs and Greyhounds.

In 1887, this dog was recognized as a breed with its talents ranging from tracking, guarding and draft dogs. The dog was also well-liked because of his graceful appearance.

Exercise and fur care

When the Great Dane is a puppy, he is very active and requires lots of exercise. But an adult is more relaxed and requires minimal exercise. Regular walks are more than sufficient. This means that Great Danes can live in any size home with a small or large yard.

The Great Dane is a short-haired dog breed, and therefore requires minimal fur care. Brushing the fur can be done once or twice a week. Most shedding occurs during warmer months of the year and regular brushing will be necessary during this time. Bathing is necessary every two months, unless he gets dirty.

Nails must be kept short and neat because long claws can get caught in upholstery and carpets. Trimming must be done carefully to avoid cutting the skin and nerve, which will cause pain and bleeding.

The Great Dane's teeth must be brushed regularly with a dog toothbrush and toothpaste. Good dental hygiene is important to his overall well-being. To prevent ear infections, its ears should be cleaned and kept dry. Any bad odor or inflammation should be checked by the vet.


The Great Dane is a powerful dog with a long square head. He has a square jaw with a deep muzzle. His medium-sized eyes are almond-shaped, and his ears are slender and sometimes cropped. The Great Dane's tail is set high and his paws are well rounded.

The fur is short-haired and smooth in various colors such as black, blue and white with irregular spots or black with a white collar, muzzle, chest and tip of the tail.

An adult male can measure 76 - 86cm in height and a female measures 71-81cm with an average weight of 54 - 91kg and 45 - 59kg respectively.

The lifespan of the Great Dane is 6 to 8 years.


The Great Dane is fearless and powerful. He is also gentle, loving and forgiving. This strong dog can benefit from basic training to establish the owner as the leader of the pack and ensure the dog's obedience.

His size doesn't matter. He is sensitive, wants to be around people and craves human companionship. This makes him a lovely family dog.

A well-trained Great Dane will usually get along well with other people and pets. Although he is big and scary to some people, he is actually very friendly, even to babies and toddlers.

The Great Dane can bark often and loudly, which makes him a desirable guard dog. But when the cause of the noise is found, he becomes his usual friendly self. He is protective of his family.

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