Tips for Cycling with a Dog

Enjoy the possibilities you have to bring your dog with you on the bike

- in everyday life or for long walks in nature!

Everyone is aware that cycling reduces your carbon impact on the environment and is both healthy and environmentally friendly. With the proper gear and instruction, you can bike comfortably alongside your dog. It never hurts to get moving, and cycling provides you and your dog with a healthy kind of exercise.

There are canines that can accompany you as you run or walk while cycling. Extremely spirited dogs may flee in pursuit of other animals or strangers, which is dangerous. When going on a bike ride with your dog, consider its size and personality. Perhaps some training is required.

Bike next to the dog
You can get a bicycle pole with a leash that connects to the body harness, not the collar, of your dog if it wants to run beside you. The body harness must be completely snug to the body and not suffocate the wearer.

Dogs under 12 kg

Smaller dogs can ride in bicycle baskets that are fastened to the handlebars and have a leash to prevent them from jumping out. Your dog can enjoy a fantastic perspective of the area you are cycling through from this position at the front of the bike, which is mounted using some flexible hangers that can be modified to fit your cycle. Dogs up to about 7 kg can use this style of bicycle dog basket. 

The alternative is to attach a dog basket for the bike on the luggage carrier. This bicycle basket can hold a somewhat bigger dog than the basket for your handlebars, and it has the advantage that the weight will be towards the back of the bike, where it won't be as difficult to navigate with. It is simple to put on the luggage carrier since a rail at the bottom is driven in like a chute. A thumb screw makes it simple to attach and detach. Dogs up to around 12 kg can use this style of bicycle dog basket.


Dogs up to 40 kg
Purchasing a dog bike trailer can allow your dog to rest when he gets tired on longer bike rides. This trailer is safe and convenient for small dogs to travel in. A little pull is used to mount a high-quality bike trailer on your bike, after which the trailer may be swiftly removed and reattached. It includes safety features that make sure you and your dog can travel in comfort. This will be your only choice if your dog weighs more than 10–12 kg when it comes to accompanying you on bike journeys.

We provide a red small model bicycle trailer for dogs up to 30 kg in small and big sizes, as well as a gray and brown model for dogs up to 40 kg in both sizes. With the model in gray and yellow, you also have the choice to get a kit for the bicycle trailer, which will enable you to simply change it from usage on a bicycle to a stroller model that you can push and use for regular walks and runs. 

Accessories for the trip

It's also a good idea to have a portable water bowl or bottle so you can quench your dog's thirst. Always keep in mind that dogs with long hair, short noses, and short legs tend to get too hot and should be kept hydrated.

It's crucial to keep yourself, your dog, and others safe. As a result, you should spend your money on high-quality items that do not make the dog pull awkwardly. You can fasten the dog's leash to either the seat or the axle of the back wheel. Breakaway cords are advised to prevent mishaps when making abrupt stops or turns.

Running on asphalt and gravel roads may be unfamiliar to your dog, and you will need to educate and adapt him to these surfaces in order to harden his foot pads. Keep an eye on your dog's foot pads for signs of wear and tear, and utilize products that can help protect and care for the foot pads to make them more durable.

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