What is a Dog Door and How Does it Work?

Let your dog get in and out of your home with ease - Guide to dog doors

Without having to open the door for your dog, you can allow him unfettered access to your home. This is simple to accomplish with a dog door mounted on a door, wall, or window that is hinged and/or has a spring-operated flap. It makes it possible for your dog to enter and exit your home entirely on its own.

Advantages of doggie doors:

  • Your dog does not have to wait until you get home to urinate or defecate. It can simply leave the house and perform the task in the garden, where you have trained it to do so
  • In addition to the exercise it receives from you, your dog is free to go around the garden and return indoors for some rest
  • Going outside will provide your dog with some mental stimulation if he is bored inside
  • Giving your dog the freedom to come in and out of the house gives him a sense of confidence and improves his overall attitude
  • In an emergency, such as fire in your home, your dog can easily escape and be out of danger
  • If your dog is a guard dog, he can easily chase away intruders who try to break into your property
  • When your dog is aware that he has a way out, he no longer needs to scratch and damage your door when alerting you of his needs
  • You will reduce or completely eliminate the episodes in your home of dog urine and feces
  • Having a doggy door can tame bad behaviour, such as excessive barking

Types of doggy doors:

There are hinges available that may be fitted to your patio sliding door, eliminating the need to drill holes in your existing walls or doors. It is movable and can be accessible wherever you are; even if you move, you can take it with you to your new house. Typically, these doors are made of plastic or aluminum.

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You can get a dog collar that fits your dog's specific size and matches the color of your door or complements the door's design.

You can also buy an electronic dog collar. Since the flap essentially lets any animal to pass through, including your neighbor's pet and unwelcome scavengers, you can purchase one that just permits access for your dog. By placing a collar around the dog's neck, these electronic doors can be opened. In addition to being secure for your home, these doors are also environmentally beneficial.

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