Keeping Your Dog Active and Clean

A bath with an effective dog shampoo is beneficial and necessary for your dog after a long and humid walk in the park or forest.

A good shampoo can easily remove mud, leaf residue, and foul odors. If your dog has a sensitive, light, or dark coat, you can select the best option for him, with or without natural herb scent. While washing your dog, you can use a long handle washing brush or glove to protect your hands and nails.

If you are short on time or on a trip, you can use a dry shampoo with or without fragrance. If your dog has long hair around its mouth, it's a quick way to clean its fur or beard. Finish the wash with a good conditioner if necessary to make your dog's fur easier to comb out. Some dogs are afraid of water, so dry shampoo is an excellent substitute for a bath.

After the bath or cleansing, a good brush is essential! We have high-quality combs and brushes made of wild boar hair, as well as steel pins. Bamboo handles can be found on many of our brushes.

Make sure your dog gets lots of exercise to keep them active. This can be regular runs, strolls, or time spent playing in a securely gated space. Additionally, training games and puzzle toys can keep your dog cognitively active. Furthermore, feeding your dog a nutritious and balanced food can keep them active and healthy.

We have a fun and challenging ball for your dog to play with when he is at home and needs to be activated. Start by stuffing the ball with little treats that will spill out of the side holes. Preferably, it shouldn't be too simple so that your dog feels challenged. Break the rewards up into tiny pieces if your dog is tearing at the ball.


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