Safety Tips for Your Dog in a Hot Car

Do you know this feeling? You have been out shopping, a trip to the beach or whatever you do in the summer heat. You get back to the car and the sun is high in the sky. You get in and feel a heavy heat that makes it harder for you to breathe, and you can't start the car fast enough to get some air. The car has been transformed into an oven!

If you're not careful, your dog will feel the same way! If you leave it in the car, this can be extremely dangerous. Rolling down the windows increases the risk of theft.

Solutions that lower the temperature in the car's cabin

There are effective and affordable ways to reduce the temperature inside the car. For instance, the Dog Cooler keeps the car locked while also ensuring that the dog receives fresh air while left in the car. Dog Cooler means the tailgate remains closed so that the dog can stay in the vehicle with cooler outside air. When you have to leave the car, it is simple to install. It has a lock on one end that you can access and a ring on the other end that is connected to the car's lock so that the tailgate can only be unlocked once more with your own car key.

Always consider the dog is in the car in the summer heat

Leaving the dog in the car for an extended period of time in a hot environment is not advised. For the dog, it might even be fatal. Having a car cooler makes a significant impact, but it won't keep a car cooled after being in the sun for a long time. When it is hot outside, it is imperative that you keep your dog with you and not leave it alone in the car. Be sure to check on your pet frequently and make sure that the temperature inside the vehicle is not higher than it can tolerate. Some dogs may start to have issues if the temperature rises over 20 degrees  in the sun.

If you see dogs suffering in the car in the summer heat

People have gotten better at thinking about their dog while driving in the summer. However, if you see a car parked directly in the sun on a hot summer day and you can see that the dog is clearly suffering and in serious distress, you may have to break the window and call the police. However, this should only be done in an absolute emergency, as otherwise you may end up with a case. Ideally, you should first try to locate the owner or call the police. 

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