New puppy? Get good advice and a puppy discount at Petlux

Get a good start with the family's new puppy 

Good preparation is essential for a positive experience for both your new puppy and the rest of the family. It's not just about dog beds and food!

For some, the task can quickly become overwhelming, but you can get assistance and sound advice at Petlux, where all of the employees have a daily close relationship with dogs.

At Petlux, we carefully selected the most relevant quality products and feed, so we've already done some of the work for you.

We offer sound advice on what is important from the start and what can be prioritised later.

You are very welcome to visit our stores and contact our customer service.

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Discount codes or puppy vouchers for your first puppy purchase 

Use the discount code PUPPY15 to receive 15% off your first puppy purchase of NOK 499 or more. The discount is intended for those who have recently purchased or will soon acquire a small puppy. 

We frequently offer reduced prices on high-quality puppy food. See our selection of puppy supplies here

It's up to you to select the appropriate dog food for your puppy 

Only you can determine the best food for your puppy. There are numerous options, and your dog may react differently than other puppies. Keep an eye on your puppy when you introduce it to new foods. 

There is a rule of thumb that can help you determine if your dog food is good. This applies to both puppy food and dog food for active adult dogs. 

The dog food must contain real meat. Some products contain animal byproducts that are not made from real meat. A dog requires high-quality food, which can be obtained primarily through meat. In addition, look for feed that contains very little grain. The grain isn't a problem for dogs, but it's also not good for them. Then you can find a dog food that is primarily composed of meat, which is usually preferred. 

Always read the ingredients on the back of the product. It can direct you to the best dog food for your needs. It's not always easy, so you'll need to compare different brands. 

At Petlux, our knowledgeable employees are ready to provide advice and guidance so that you can make the best decision from the start. 

See our selection of Petlux puppy food here 

The right dog bed for your dog

Find a suitable sleeping place for your new puppy. Dogs adore their sleeping quarters, just as humans adore our beds. Dogs, on the other hand, sleep much more during the day than humans, so selecting the right dog basket is especially important. On average, a dog sleeps 13-14 hours per day.

Puppies and older dogs sleep for longer periods of time, necessitating the use of a high-quality dog bed.

A dog bed is more than just a place for your dog to relax. A dog bed is frequently the location that the dog associates with safety. It is a place where it can go to find peace and feel safe. A good dog bed can help your dog sleep better, support healthy joints and bones, and provide a sense of security and comfort. If you find a good dog bed for your dog, you will not only improve his or her quality of life, but also his or her sleep. 

The dog bed is often more than just a place for the dog to sleep. It could also be a place the dog looks for when it simply needs to rest. 

See our selection of Petlux dog beds here 

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