Unlock the Power of Orbiloc: Take On the Dark

Visibility is important when walking your dog for several reasons. For starters, it ensures that you and your dog are seen by others, which can help prevent accidents like being hit by a car. Second, it makes it easier for others to identify you as the dog's owner, which is useful if your dog ever escapes. Third, it can keep you and your dog safe in low-light situations like dawn or dusk. Overall, visibility can assist in keeping you and your dog safe and secure while out for a walk. At PetLux you will find the Dog Dual safety lights from the Danish brand Orbiloc, which is an LED light of the highest quality with a multitude of possible uses.

One lamp – many possibilities

Orbiloc is a brand of outdoor safety lights designed for activities such as walking, running, cycling, and hiking. The lights are small, lightweight, and waterproof, making them ideal for attaching to items such as a dog's collar, belts, backpacks, and more. They come in a variety of colors and have different modes to suit different needs, such as steady, flashing, and strobe.

The Orbiloc Dog Dual Safety Light is a product designed specifically for dogs. It attaches to the collar of a dog and emits a bright light that can be seen from a distance. It features two LED lights, one facing forward and one facing backward, for 360-degree visibility. The light can run for up to 100 hours on a single battery and has different modes such as steady, flashing, and strobe. 

 The lights are made to be long-lasting and durable, making them suitable for use in a variety of outdoor settings. They are also simple to use, with simple button controls to change modes. Overall, Orbiloc safety lights are an excellent tool for increasing visibility and safety during outdoor activities, particularly for your pet.

Danish quality at its best

When it comes to the Dog Dual safety light from Danish Orbiloc, quality is essential. The light is visible not only from a distance of 5 km, but also from all sides due to its round design, which makes the light visible in an arc of 270 degrees. The light weighs only 19 grams, making it ideal for even the smallest dog breeds, and dogs can run and play freely while wearing it. Dual denotes the light's two functions: flashing and constant light, and the battery life is guaranteed to be 100 hours with constant light and 250 hours with flashing.

A simple turning function is used to select between flashing and constant light. To top it all off, the light has received one of the highest levels of IPX8 certification, indicating the lamp's ability to be submerged. The Dual light is completely waterproof and can withstand pressure equivalent to 100 meters under water for one hour, making it ideal not only for water dogs but also for divers. In addition, the product comes with a three-year warranty.

Before choosing the color of your safety light

The safety light is available in nine different colors, which are divided into two groups: safety colors and fashion colors. There are several factors to consider when selecting a color for your dog, for example. If your dog has long fur, it's a good idea to let it hang freely via an Orbiloc Strap so it doesn't get tangled in it.

If your dog has dark fur, choose a light color to make the light of the lamp stand out more, and vice versa if the fur is light. Choose a color that is not commonly seen in traffic if you live in an urban area where you and your dog travel a lot in traffic. If, on the other hand, you live in a rural area with limited light, each color can be advantageously chosen.

What do the different colors indicate?

Yellow, red, blue, white, and green are all safety colors associated with lights seen in traffic, on emergency vehicles, and throughout the cityscape. Because it is easy for the human eye to see and distinguish from other colors, the color yellow is frequently associated with fog. It is frequently used in connection with weather work or other situations where it is necessary to slow down.

The color red is typically used to indicate stop, attention, and other emergencies, and because it has the longest wavelength of any color, it can be seen from the greatest distance.

In most urban areas, the best color for a safety light is white or yellow. These colors are bright and easy to see both during the day and at night. Furthermore, they do not emit glare or reflections, which can be distracting or dangerous to drivers and pedestrians.

Color regulations for safety lights vary. In Denmark, for example, it is illegal to have a blue light on a vehicle, whether flashing or constant, because it is reserved for police and other emergency vehicles. As a result, the law only regulates blue light on/in vehicles and not on people or animals, which means you can use it anywhere other than in a car. The blue light causes traffic to slow down, which is certainly not a bad thing for dog walkers. The white light is similar to headlights and forward movement, and can be useful for dogs with long fur because it shines through strongly.

Pink, Dark, Amber, and Turquoise are among the fashion colors. These colors are not associated with traffic and are mostly chosen for personal preference. Many hunters, for example, prefer the new Amber color because of the beautiful golden light it emits, giving it a distinct appearance that complements hunting clothes that are typically in earthy tones. 

When selecting a color for a safety light for walking at night, consider visibility and contrast. In low light conditions, bright colors like yellow, orange, and pink are highly visible and provide good contrast against the darkness. Furthermore, red and green are frequently used for safety lights because they are less likely to interfere with oncoming pedestrians or drivers' night vision..


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