A Comprehensive Guide to Puppy Care

Adorable puppy

Puppies are delightful and energetic little creatures who make wonderful company for humans!

Make sure your puppy has a long, healthy life

Bringing home a new puppy is a joyful event, both for you and for your new best friend. Of course, you want to make the transition as easy as possible for your new puppy, but there are so many things to consider and plan.

How are you going to get your new puppy home? Where will he sleep at night? What kind of dog food will you give him? Who will walk him? Getting a new puppy is not entirely unlike bringing a child into the home - it requires careful thought and consideration.

Brush your puppy

Unlike a fully grown dog, most puppies have a soft and short coat. One could mistakenly think that the puppy's coat might not really need much brushing. However, it is best to start this routine early so that the puppy learns to enjoy being brushed and associates brushing as a pleasant experience between the two of you.

You must start by grooming your dog while it is a puppy. It is not only important to keep your puppy clean, you also need to take the time to check for things like allergies, fleas and other parasites, to ensure that the puppy's general health is in top form. You also need to bond with your puppy and build a relationship based on trust and understanding.

If the puppy doesn't really need much care, you can start with a massage brush, which can also be used when it grows up. It will gently remove dead hair and dirt.

The fur needs attention from the start, so you can use a fine brush or comb to remove any knots and matted fur. 

Note that the well-known dog brush FURminator has a starter pack for your puppy that contains comb and brush.

Bathing your puppy

It may not be necessary to give your puppy a bath unless he has a habit of rolling in something unpleasant. But it is best for your puppy to also get used to this routine, which will be recurring in its adult life.

Buy a special shampoo for puppies. Read the instructions on the label carefully, as some shampoos are also conditioners, others require dilution with water and some shampoos require a period time to soak.

We recommend the French brand Biogance. They have a puppy shampoo that is gentle on the puppy's skin and leaves the coat soft, shiny and with a lovely scent. They are paraben and alcohol free and made from natural ingredients that ensure your pup is not exposed to any harsh substances that could damage its skin or fur.

This company produces a wide range of dog shampoos and conditioners for all possible coat types. 

Nail care

Starting this routine will help both you and your puppy get used to the procedure, which can be difficult at first. The puppy may be restless and not stay still enough for you to cut carefully. And of course you have to be careful not to cut too far into its nails and hit the nerves. The blood and pain will traumatize your puppy and it is necessary that this process be painless and without anxiety for future nail care. Many choose to go to a vet the first time the puppy needs to have its nails trimmed and learn from the vet.

Dental care

Another routine to start with the puppy is dental care. Around 70% of dogs experience dental pain at one time or another. Since dogs cannot explain the problem, dog owners need to prevent this problem from occurring as well as be aware of signs of dental problems such as bad breath, decreased appetite, swollen gums, brown spots on the teeth.

Prevention: Brush daily. Buy a good dog toothbrush that is double-sided, meaning it brushes different angles of the teeth. Use a high quality toothpaste. The Petosan Kit is perfect, it comes with a double sided brush, toothpaste and gum cleaner. It comes in 3 sizes. Be sure to choose the right size for your puppy and increase the size as your puppy grows.

There is also a large selection of toys that take care of the dog's teeth. They massage and clean the dog's gums and remove food residues stuck between the gums and teeth. 

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