Puppy Supplies: What are the Must-Haves

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Puppy products: Do you have the essential equipment?

Once you've decided which puppy to get, make a shopping list to ensure you have everything you need for the puppy's arrival. And it's not always simple. When it comes to the puppy's first time in a new home, there are numerous products and brands to choose from.

All new dog owners want the best for their best friend, but what exactly is that? This list has been created so that you can begin with the most important items for the puppy's arrival. In other words, essentials. As a result, you should be prepared to purchase a variety of additional items as the dog's development and activities require.

Collar, harness and leash for puppies

Even if the puppy only requires short walks at first, you must have the necessary equipment. You must have a collar, a harness, and a line or lead at the very least, but you should be selective at best.

When purchasing an adjustable collar or harness for your puppy, keep in mind that it will grow out of it. As a result, it does not have to be the most expensive item you purchase, but rather a practical and comfortable model in either nylon or leather. When the dog is fully grown, you can consider a more expensive and long-term option.

It is critical to select a lead or leash that allows you to maintain control and contact with the puppy. As a result, we do not recommend the classic flex line as a first step because you must have control over the puppy and teach it to walk on a leash before it can benefit from the freedom provided by a flexible line. A dog ID tag is also legally required after four months, so the sooner the better.

The dog's first food and water bowl

Of course, the puppy must be fed and have access to clean water. Please select a food and water bowl that can handle a little bit of everything and is simple to clean in your busy daily life. We're thinking specifically of metal or ceramic bowls.

Please clean the bowls on a daily basis and remember to change the water on a regular basis so that the puppy always has fresh water. If the puppy farts a lot when drinking or eating, or if the bowls slide on the floor, a rubber or silicone mat may be useful. We would recommend Dogman's silicone underlay. This will make it more difficult for the puppy to push the bowl around, but it will also make cleaning the eating area easier for you.

Basket, bed or blanket for a new puppy

It may be tempting to purchase an expensive dog bed in which the puppy can romp and grow. Dogs, on the other hand, are as unique as people. Some dogs prefer a large dog bed or dog cushion, while others prefer a dog basket or simply a blanket to sleep on.

So there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to purchasing your puppy's first bed. However, there may be numerous advantages to beginning with a simple and inexpensive dog basket, such as one made of plastic and with a raised edge. Puppies have a tendency to bite most things, and a temporary dog bed allows the dog to bite into it without you or your little four-legged friend becoming too upset when it has been bitten to pieces. It could be a Trixie, Dogman, Scruffs, or Ferplast plastic basket with a cover or pillow. You can also invest in a thermal dog bed if it is cold in your home. Puppies find it difficult to regulate their body temperature, and the thermal bed will make the nights more comfortable for them.

When your dog is a little older and has outgrown the biting season, you can benefit from investing in a high-quality dog bed. It is first and foremost comfortable for your dog to sleep and rest in, and it often lasts longer, which is beneficial to both your wallet and the environment.

Toys, teethers and chews for puppies

When a puppy moves in, it is critical to have plenty of toys for him to chew, bite, and play with. It is a wise investment because bite marks on your hands and furniture are usually avoided. Puppy teeth itch, so they play a lot and bite things and people. That is why having toys that can meet that need is beneficial.

Puppy toys that can withstand chewing, chewing, and biting include rope toys, plush toys, teething rings, and rubber toys. We have an entire section dedicated to puppy toys. Here you will find everything you need to stimulate the puppy's play, both inside and outside, as well as to relieve the itch.

The toy is always useful to have nearby so you don't have to use your hands when playing with the puppy. Furthermore, when playing with the puppy, always use two toys. It is then easier to teach the puppy to let go on command, while also preventing bites and the dog developing ownership over a single toy.

If the puppy's teeth are extremely itchy, we recommend Ozami chew rolls, an organic product made entirely of moose skin. They come in a variety of sizes to fit the size of the puppy and can also be used when the dog is fully grown.

Last but not least, doggie bags 

What comes in must go out, and it is your responsibility to collect what comes out, whether on the walk or at home in the garden. This is done to keep people from stepping on it, but it also keeps the puppy from eating it and getting worms or other parasites.

There are many different types of dog bags available today. Bags with handles for easier closing, biodegradable bags, scented bags, and bag dispensers are available, ensuring that you always have some dog bags with you on your walk. Remember that no matter which bag you use, it must always be thrown away.

Get ready for a puppy with us

As you can see, there are many considerations when bringing a puppy into your home. It is therefore important that you familiarize yourself with what your puppy and the breed need. As I said, this list contains the most essential things you must have invested in. You should therefore continuously buy what you lack. You can advantageously start shopping with this list in hand.

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