Scottish Terrier

This is what you need to know about the Scottish Terrier

Danish discount supermarket Netto has chosen to use this dog breed in their logo. The Scottish Terrier comes from Scotland and is one of the dog breeds that owes its origins to the Skye Terrier breed.

If you would like one of the cute little dogs, you are not alone. It has become very popular as one of the small breeds that are relatively easy to care for. The dog is man's best friend, and this also applies to the Scottish terrier, who is both loyal and contact-seeking.

Where does the Scottish Terrier come from?

The Scottish Terrier originally comes from the western part of Scotland, where the dog breed was mainly used for hunting foxes, badgers and otters. This means that a Scottish Terrier has boundless energy and loves to play.

A Scottish Terrier is generally considered a dog breed that is good with company, but can also settle down and be independent. That is why this terrier is popular for many families.

Scottish Terrier

What are the Scottish Terrier's needs and activity level?

If you want a dog that is just the right mix of loyal and independent, and that manages to calm down when needed, then the Scottish Terrier is an obvious choice for you.

The dog breed is very intelligent, and since it was originally used for hunting, the dog breed has a good energy level, but it is recommended to buy a good  dog toy where the Scottish Terrier can shake its "prey", as it simulates having caught an animal. For this purpose, rope toys are ideal because they can give the dog the right feeling of resistance.

The Scottish Terrier is also an obvious choice if you want a dog that excels in dog sports or search exercises. As mentioned, the dog breed is very intelligent and can easily be trained to behave well, which is a big plus for many people.

How big can a Scottish Terrier get?

It is not a large dog breed, but a Scottish Terrier is not among the smallest either. It is very normal for a Scottish Terrier to be approx. 25-28 cm high. This applies to both sexes. They will typically have a weight of 8.5-10 kg.

The dog breed is considered a medium size in group three for terrier dogs. This popular dog is perfect for the whole family.

What about the dog breed's fur and nutrition?

The sweet Scottie has a thicker coat in the outer layer and a softer layer close to the skin. The outermost layer is quite rough and dense, so you need to make sure it doesn't clump together and become tangled, but fortunately there are easy solutions for that! A good comb for your dog can do a lot for the care of the coat.

In general, it is recommended that you wash your dog at least once a week. It will happen quite naturally if you want to avoid dirty floors after a pleasant walk in the forest. At the same time, you can take care of the dog's fur with a good shampoo or conditioner that gives a wonderfully soft and beautiful coat.

If you groom the dog once a week, you can almost avoid all shedding and thus get rid of too much unwanted dog hair in the home.

What is the dog's temperament like?

The Scottie, as it is fondly called by many owners, is a sweet dog that is most often described as loyal and independent. You can also call the dog breed too brave or foolhardy, as they rarely shy away from a good game of football with the children.

Overall, the Scottish Terrier is a perfect dog for families with children due to the dog's temperament. It is calm, intelligent and loyal and can be a good friend to many small children who are scared of big dogs.

The dog breed is a quick learner, but training still requires ingenuity and patience, so it can be a good idea to adopt different places and exercises so that the dog does not get bored.

Good dietary advice for the medium-sized dog

When you are going to get a dog, you obviously have to do a lot of thinking beforehand. It is good to know what to give the dog to eat, because you can make sure that the dog gets the right nutrition from the start, so that it can live a good, long life. This is done by feeding the dog according to size and age.

When it comes to the Scottish Terrier, it is important that it gets a healthy, well-balanced diet with vitamins and minerals that can keep the thick coat healthy and strong, so that the dog will not shed too much and freeze when you are out on walks.

It is recommended that you use dog food for puppies if you have a Scottish Terrier puppy. Here at PetLux, we love our pets, and we have found a selection of the best dog food for all ages and sizes. Take a look at our many categories of dog food, so you can find just the right food for your dear four-legged friend.

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