Spring Outings With Your Doggie

Dog in a field of flowers

With spring on its way, it's not unlikely that your dog can feel it too. There is a change in the air and the weather is starting to show its better side. This also means that there are many more days when you and your dog can take advantage of the mild weather and explore nature, among other things.

There is a big guarantee that your dog will love to get out in the open a lot more, where there is the opportunity and space to run around as much as possible. We have put together a few suggestions for what exactly you can do with your dog when spring comes.

Explore one of the many dog ​​forests in your region

If you have never tried visiting a dog forest before, I highly recommended it. In the vast majority of places, there is an order that dogs must always be on a leash, but in a dog forest this is not the case. All around, there are specific nature areas that are set aside for dogs to run around as freely as they want, without being tied to their leashes.

It is an obvious trip in the open, where your dog can run around freely and only be bound by his instincts. In a dog forest, your dog can also meet many other dogs and be stimulated socially. It might sound like your dog gets 100% free rein in a dog park, but that's not the case. The main rule in any dog ​​park is that you must still have complete control over your dog. This means that you must still be able to stop your dog if, for unexplained reasons, it starts to be too aggressive towards other dogs or people who are also in the dog park.

The possibilities

Since not all dog parks are fenced, you must also always be sure that your dog will come when you call. It's always nice for it to be able to run around freely, but it's not so much fun for you or your dog if it suddenly disappears. You must also always ensure that you familiarize yourself with the individual rules at the dog forest in question, since there may be differences in the rules, depending on who owns and supervises the individual location.

In the majority of the dog forests there will always be challenges set up for you and your dog. In addition to the traditional forest furniture in the form of tables, benches and bins, you will also be able to find agility courses for your dog and a playpen for puppies. Agility courses are perfect for training together with your dog in the open and in a new way.

Take the dog to the dog beach

When the sun really announces its arrival, you will probably also want to be able to take your dog to the beach. The beach is a perfect opportunity to explore some nature other than the usual walk you take every day. But if you want to take your dog to a dog beach, there are also a few rules that you should be aware of.

During the winter season, there is a greater possibility that you can let your dog run free on the beach from time to time. But when spring comes, it also means that more and more people come to the beach, which can limit your dog's activities. No matter what time of year it is, you should always be able to call your dog to you and stop it in case it seems too threatening to other people or dogs. Therefore, it is also best that it does not run too far away from you, even when it is not on a leash.

When summer is over, dogs must be on a lead for the vast majority of beaches. But there are also more and more dog beaches, where you can still let your dog run free. It may be that part of the beach has been made a permanent dog beach, or it may be an extension of a nearby dog ​​park. No matter which of the reasons it is, it means that your dog can run around as freely as in any dog ​​forest.

Take advantage of everything nature has to offer

When spring comes around, nature blooms, and that means there are many more opportunities to give your dog some fresh air. In addition to the many dog ​​forests and possibly associated dog beaches, there are also many good walking routes in the forests where you can take your dog with you - although it will probably have to be on a leash. This may vary from route to route and you should check beforehand. Of course, not all breeds are suitable for hiking.

Some dogs will be happy just to be able to get out and smell the flowers on a different route than the one you always take when you go for a walk. Whatever you choose, being allowed to explore areas that it doesn't normally have access to can only put your dog in a better mood. It is also significantly more fun to go outside for dog training when the weather is good. Your dog will also give his affirmative bark with a guarantee.

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