Paw and Nail Care: What You Need To Know

Every dog and cat needs healthy paw pads, and having their nails cut regularly is essential for a happy dog. The paws are crucial because they help the dog or cat get where it needs to go. This can happen while hunting in a damp forest, on a warm sandy beach in the summer, rough, hot asphalt in the city, etc. Every time your pet leaves the house, their paws are particularly exposed, so unlike humans who "simply" put on a pair of shoes and don't think about their feet, you need pay attention to your pet's paws. Therefore, always have quality nail and paw care products on hand at home.

Beware of the hot asphalt in summer

Unfortunately, a lot of dog owners fail to check the asphalt's temperature while taking their dogs for a summertime stroll. Many dogs are very resilient and don't typically exhibit signs of pain or discomfort prior to an accident. The asphalt has frequently been so hot that dogs have returned home with open burns under their footpads in such instances. Put the back of your palm against the asphalt to quickly determine whether it is too hot. If you can't handle the heat for around 10 seconds, it must be too hot for your dog to walk on. If you live in the city, asphalt can be difficult to avoid, but if you live outside the forest, beach and other nature, seek shelter from the high temperatures under the forest trees.

Avoid burns from hot asphalt

Your dog's paws are shielded from injury and rough surfaces by applying paw wax from Musher's Secret, which is a 100% natural wax-based lotion. If the dog has previously had dry or cracked footpads or as a preventative measure against wear, scorching, and cracking, apply the wax 5–10 minutes prior to the walk. The wax is hypoallergenic and won't leave stains on your carpet or furniture. 100% natural wax (yellow and white beeswax, carnauba wax, and candelilla wax), with vitamin E-fortified vegetable oil, which among other things helps to keep the skin's flexibility. Cats that frequent the outdoors can also benefit from this wax.

Salt in the winter

Frost, snow, salt, and paws do not mix well, so it is critical to be aware when the winter arrives. The salt on the roads can be corrosive to your dog's paws, causing severe paw damage. As a result, the paw wax described above may be ideal. Another solution is to provide your dog with shoes. PawZ is a waterproof dog shoe that fits easily and securely without the use of straps or Velcro. The dog shoe is made entirely of natural rubber and is thus biodegradable. The shoe is light and has no padding, so the dog will barely notice it.The dog only needs to get used to them on a walk, and will be protected against snow, frost, and road salt.

Can you trim your pet's nails yourself?

If you have a dog or cat that doesn't mind if you touch its paws, you can easily trim the claws yourself. You must, of course, know what you're doing so that you don't cut too far in and hit a blood vessel, which not only hurts the dog but also causes a lot of bleeding. To cut your pet's claws, you'll need the right tools, such as Whesco nail clippers. If you are new to nail clipping, having an expert guide you the first few times is a good idea.

Are you allowed to touch your dog or cat's paws?

Leave nail trimming to your veterinarian if your pet has delicate paws because of, say, allergies, or if it hasn't had its paws manicured since childhood. Fighting with your pet at home is unnecessary since it stresses them out and turns you into their "enemy."

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