Caring for Your Dog in Summer: A Definitive Guide

You have plenty of chances to enjoy outside activities and play with your dog throughout the summer and in the sun. However, it's also a time when you need to give your dog additional attention because, in the worst case scenario, the summer heat can lead to dehydration and heat stroke. Here, we've gathered some helpful suggestions on how to make the hotter days more enjoyable and interesting for both you and your dog.

It is critical that the dog always has access to shady areas, preferably one with a slight breeze. Even when you're out for a walk, your dog should always have access to fresh water. Water bottles and bowls that are portable are thus always a good idea to bring on the trip. When it comes to walks, feel free to take them in the late evenings or early mornings, when the temperature is usually lower.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the asphalt might become quite hot, which could harm the dog's paws. So it's crucial to use paw wax to protect them.

Always use the AC or roll down the windows when traveling with your dog to lower the temperature inside the car. Be careful not to leave your dog in the car alone.

A cooling vest and cooling mat make the dog's life much more comfortable. Choose a cooling mat that does not need to be plugged in, filled with water, or placed in the freezer or fridge, but instead activates the cooling function simply by the dog lying on it.

When the weather is nice, both humans and dogs enjoy going swimming. A trip to the beach, for example, can be enjoyable. Remember that your dog must be on a leash when visiting the beach during the summer. It's also worth noting that there are a number of beaches where dogs are strictly prohibited. A dog pool for the garden is an alternative to going to the beach. Dogs, unlike humans, do not have sweat glands throughout their bodies, but only on their footpads and noses. Dogs cannot sweat through their skin and must therefore expel heat through their tongues. As a result, provide your dog with a cooling toy.

Fleas and ticks are particularly active in the summer, and therefore it is a good idea to invest in products against the little critters.

It is critical to take extra care of your dog during the summer to keep it cool, hydrated, and healthy. This may entail giving your dog plenty of water, keeping him in the shade or indoors during the hottest part of the day, and applying sunscreen or other sun-protective measures. You can help to keep your dog safe and comfortable during the summer months by taking these precautions.

PetLux wishes you and your dog a lovely summer!

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