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Welsh Corgi dog

Welsh Corgi: The dog that keeps the family together

The Welsh corgi is not just one dog breed, but two: the Welsh corgi cardigan and the Welsh corgi Pembroke. The races are very similar to each other but do not have the same family tree and ancestors. Although they both look alike and have almost the same mind, there are still a few important features that you should be aware of before choosing your Welsh Corgi dog.

However, both dogs are small companion dogs, even though they were originally herding dogs. They are cooperative, devoted and very happy to spend their time with you and those they care about.

A former herding dog

Both breeds are crossbred, so they can be used by shepherds and farmers to manage sheep and cattle on pasture and look after the fences. However, the two dogs originate from different parts of Wales. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is from south-west Wales, where there are rocks and mountainous terrain, while the Welsh Corgi Pembroke is from South Wales, where there is flatter and softer terrain.

A Welsh corgi cardigan is descended from the German dachshund and came to Wales around the year 1200, while the Pembroke breed came to Wales with the Vikings and originates from the Nordic tip. Both breeds were used as herding dogs. With their very low height, they could grab the cattle by the hocks and avoid kicks from the large animals.

The Welsh corgi cardigan, unlike the Pembroke, was later crossed with the collier breed when the farmers in their area switched from cattle to sheep and therefore needed a dog with a softer mind.

The small and tall welsh corgi cardigan and pembroke dogs

The Welsh corgi dogs are both dwarf breeds with large heads, long bodies and small thick legs. They have prickly ears and pointed snouts, but the differences are nevertheless significant when you get closer. These will be reviewed below.

A welsh corgi cardigan is slightly larger than a Pembroke. It weighs between 11 and 17 kilos and is approx. 30 centimeters high. The Cardigan breed has thick bones and a curvy appearance. The legs of a Cardigan Welsh Corgi are often slightly longer than the legs of a Pembroke. The same goes for its ears, snout and tail. The ears are both high and large. They bristle straight up into the air and give it an exemplary hearing. A cardigan's coat has short to medium-length cover hairs and a soft undercoat. To care for it, make sure to brush it once a week to remove loose undercoat that will otherwise end up around the home. You can find tools to avoid this here. The fur colors are all colors with or without white markings. However, the white color must not be dominant.

Welsh corgi Pembroke is smaller than a cardigan. It weighs between 10 and 12 kilos and measures from 25 to 30 centimeters. The Pembroke dog is oval-shaped, the chest is large and the legs are even shorter than the legs of a cardigan. In addition, it has small and pointed ears and a small and pointed snout inherited from its ancestors. A marked difference between the two dog breeds is the tails. A Pembroke does not have a long and fox-like tail like a cardigan. Instead, it has a small tail that sits close to its rear end. The coat of a Pembroke consists of an undercoat and an overcoat, but the coat is generally longer than that of a cardigan and only comes in the colors red, sable, fawn or black and tan - although also with white markings.

Welsh corgi Pembroke and welsh corgi cardigan: Good company

Both welsh corgi dogs are devoted dogs that are loyal, cooperative, obedient, smart, persistent, social and equipped with an instinct that makes them want to stick together in the pack. They are happy to spend their time with family and children, and they happily participate in family chores.

It applies to both breeds that it is important to train with them so that they get their needs for exercise and mental training met. There are many different training tools to meet these needs. However, you must be aware that a Welsh corgi is a sensitive dog that cannot tolerate harsh training and many hours of training at a time. Therefore train in short and positive sessions. You will find that a Welsh Corgi is quick to learn even when it is a puppy.

The big difference between the two breeds is that a Welsh Corgi Pembroke has a temperament that stems from its former status as a herding dog. A welsh corgi cardigan, on the other hand, is more of a companion dog, which is the result of being crossed with a collie. This means that the Pembroke breed is more alert and lively than the Cardigan breed.

Take care of your welsh corgi dog

A Welsh Corgi tends to be overweight. This can have consequences for its long back, which must hold the weight of the body. The back can also be easily affected by too intensive and long training. It is therefore important to ensure that your Welsh Corgi is not unnecessarily burdened by too many kilos.

Weight increases if your welsh corgi gets too little exercise or if it doesn't get the right diet. Dog food comes in many forms and is adapted to different types of dogs. It is therefore important that you investigate which diet suits your dog and its activity level.

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