What Toilet-Training Your Puppy is All About!

Some people are afraid of having to toilet train their new puppy because what if it doesn't learn? Even so, all dogs can learn. However, it is entirely up to the owner because dogs do not know where they can and cannot go to the bathroom. As a result, be prepared for a lot of praise and patience during training.

The actual training of the puppy

Toilet training starts as soon as your new puppy arrives at your home. Remember that the puppy will need a few days to adjust to his new family and environment, so don't expect too much from him right away.

It is a good idea to take the puppy outside once every hour when it is awake as a starting point. Even though you can wait later at night, don't count on the puppy to sleep for as long as you do. Therefore, it comes down to anticipating its sleeping pattern and taking action as soon as it awakens. You don't have to wake it up while it's asleep. You can just let it sleep throughout the daytime hours, but as soon as it awakens, it must take a toilet break. Being aware of the puppy's cues and staying one step ahead of it are crucial.

As a result, during the first few days, pay close attention to the puppy and what it does just before going to the toilet. Some walk around and sniff a lot, while others walk in circles. By recognizing these cues, you can stay ahead of the game and take the puppy outside to avoid accidents inside. However, you will not be able to completely avoid accidents.

After a few days, the intervals can be slightly increased to help the puppy gently learn to stay longer than an hour. Puppies should generally always go outside after eating, drinking a lot, sleeping, or playing, to start. 

Never scold the puppy, ignore mistakes and praise correctly

If and when there is an accident inside, you shouldn't reprimand the dog because this could make it afraid to urinate or defecate close to you. When an accident occurs, it indicates that the owner was not paying attention to the puppy's cues and did not take it out in a timely manner. Ignore the mishap and take the dog outside right away.

When he pees or goes outside, ALWAYS remember to give him praise and some tasty training treats. Proper and good training is always accomplished through praise, and the puppy must be told when it does the right thing rather than scolded when it does the wrong thing. By ignoring bad behavior and rewarding good behavior, the puppy quickly learns which behavior earns treats and will naturally strive to do the right thing. Remember to take a step back when the dog is doing the work to give it some space.

How quickly does a puppy become house broken?

Puppy potty training can happen at various rates, and how quickly a puppy learns can vary depending on a variety of characteristics, including breed, size, age, and temperament. Larger breeds generally take longer to learn than smaller breeds do, and puppies younger than 16 weeks of age may be more challenging to housebreak than older puppies. When teaching a puppy to go outdoors to relieve himself, it's also critical to be persistent and patient. Most puppies can pick up how to go potty outside in a few weeks to a few months with continuous training and positive reinforcement.

My puppy is trained but then an accident happened

It's crucial to take a step back and reevaluate whether the puppy can truly be referred to be entirely housebroken if the dog can remain inside on a "typical" day and come out the normal 3–4 times before an accident occurs. The puppy may have had a nice day where it appears to be fully trained, thus you may have advanced in the training too rapidly. So, resume taking the puppy outside frequently throughout the day. Perhaps not every hour as at the beginning of training, but still, evaluate and consider what your puppy needs. The key to successful dog training is to be patient with the puppy so that it feels secure around you. In order to make the puppy feel comfortable and secure, try to avoid having a stressed-out body language.

Always remember the dog bags.

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