Everything in doors and flaps for catsA cat door is a good practical arrangement where the cat can go in and out without you having to stand by the door all the time. We have several diff ... Read more

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Everything in doors and flaps for cats

A cat door is a good practical arrangement where the cat can go in and out without you having to stand by the door all the time. We have several different types of cat doors, from magnet-controlled cat doors to chip-controlled cat doors with models from Sureflap, Sureflap XL, Sureflap Dualscan, Petsafe and Petsafe Staywell. Those controlled by the microchip require the cat to be chipped which is installed under the skin when the cat is being vaccinated or at the vet. Such doors ensure that only cats with registered chips can enter. We also have simple cat doors, where the cat can only go in and out and other manual ones with four-way locks.

Cat doors with chips from Sureflap and Petsafe

Chip-controlled cat doors are becoming more and more popular and with good reason. Most cats are chipped when they are vaccinated at the vet. This chip can be programmed into cat doors such as Sureflap, Sureflap Pet Door Connect, Sureflap DualScan, and Petsafe Staywell, to ensure that only your cat can enter the house. This can have many benefits, for example, you make sure that the neighbors' hungry cats do not enter your house and eat your cat's food.

Sometimes other animals also manage to get through an ordinary unlocked cat flap like raccoons. With a chip-controlled cat collar from Sureflap or Petsafe, you give your cat or cats a key to your house that only your cat can use. There are several different models with different functions. If you choose Sureflap Pet Door Connect, you have the option of using an app with several options. It can also be used for very large cats and small dogs.

If you have several cats in the home with some that are allowed to go outside and others not, a Sureflap DualScan can be a wise choice as it is controlled via the chip from both sides. All you have to do is to program for the cat that is allowed to come and go while the cat that is not allowed does not have access to use the door.

The Petsafe Pet Door Connect can be powered by both batteries and a power cable. It can be set to lock when it gets dark. See more details about specific cat flaps with chip control in the product descriptions.

Cat doors controlled by magnets in the cat's collar from Staywell and Ferplast

With a magnetically controlled cat collar, your cat does not need to get chipped. The opening of the cat door is controlled by a magnet that is placed in the cat's collar. Both collar and magnet are included when you buy this product. The advantage is that your cat does not need to be chipped, and they are usually a little cheaper than chip-controlled cat doors. The downside is that it is not quite as secure and stable. If your neighbor's cat has a collar with a magnet of the same type, he will in some cases be able to access the cat door. If you are unlucky, the collar or magnet can get caught in a branch or bush causing it to fall. Replacements can be bought and this type of door usually works very well. But if you have the budget for it we recommend using cat doors with a chip, as they are safer and the cat can't lose the chip that is tucked away under the skin.

Simple cat doors with 4-way lock from Ferplast and Staywell

If you don’t have any cats or other small animals in your neighborhood that will try and access your home, a normal cat door with a 4-way lock is ideal. This door has a button with four options: allowing the door to be opened from both sides, opening from outside but not inside, opening from inside but not outside and the last option, completely locked.

Spare parts for Sureflap, Staywell, Ferplast and Petsafe

We have spare parts for your cat door such as magnets for the Ferplast Swing cat door, adapters and tunnels for mounting Sureflap chip cat door in walls and glass doors, magnetic collars for Staywell cat door, replacement lids for the cat door if you have one that is cracked and needs to be replaced, replacement magnets and more. We also have replacement chips for Sureflap cat doors, if you have not yet had your cat chipped at the vet, which can be attached to the cat's collar.

We sell cat doors from Sureflap, Petsafe, Staywell, Ferplast and Trixie

Our range of cat doors will help you not to be a slave to your cat when he needs to leave the house. Investing in a cat door gives your cat freedom and independence. Browse our range of strong and well-designed cat doors to find the right fit for you and your feline. You can call or write to us for guidance and advice.

Cat doors

Indoor cats often wake their owners when they need to go outside the house and almost immediately need to return. The simple solution to give your cat the freedom to do this on his own is to install a cat door.

A cat door provides independence and immediate access for your cat to get in more physical exercise. This promotes your cat's overall health by reducing the risk of obesity. A change in environment will also enable your house cat to maintain a healthy mental state. He doesn't have to be indoors all day, even if no one else is home.

When your cat is outside, he may encounter things that make him feel threatened, like an unfriendly pet, wild animals, or even something as normal as heavy rainfall. A cat door allows your cat to return to the safety of his home and escape from what makes him feel insecure.

There are a few considerations to make when choosing a cat door, such as the size of the cat with relation to the cat door you need, the insulation of the door, and whether the door is intended to provide full access or limited access. Different cat doors have different functions. Some can also accommodate smaller dogs. Some can fit unique doors such as double-glazed doors. Electronic cat doors with chip control, such as Sureflap, ensure that your neighbors' cats or wild animals do not enter your home. Cat doors such as Sureflap and Petsafe are activated by the chip your cat received under the skin from the vet, or the one purchased for the cat's collar.

Another consideration is the need for an ID tag. If your cat should get lost during his outdoor escapades, it should be possible for him to be safely returned home. It is so much easier for those who find your cat if they can just call you and tell you where your cat has been found. Just relying on the chip makes the process of being reunited slower and sometimes more difficult as the person who has found the cat has to visit a vet to get your contact information.