Modern dog collars and high-quality dog leadsEnhance your dog-walking experience with PetLux – your go-to destination for an extensive variety of dog leads, spanning various materials, sh ... Read more

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Modern dog collars and high-quality dog leads

Enhance your dog-walking experience with PetLux – your go-to destination for an extensive variety of dog leads, spanning various materials, shapes, and colors.

At PetLux, we've curated an exceptional collection of luxury dog leashes, including the renowned MiaCara brand, celebrated globally for its excellence. Our selection caters to diverse breeds, whether you have a French Bulldog or a Bichon Frisé.

Discover a range of long, short, and adjustable linen dog leads that cater to your specific needs and activity levels. Pay us a visit in-store, and our team will guide you towards the perfect dog leash that harmonizes with your lifestyle. Elevate your walks instantly with a premium-quality dog leash, backed by our commitment to impeccable quality and unparalleled service, whether you choose to shop on our online shop or visit us in person.

The right collar

Diverse dogs deserve distinct collars, combining both aesthetics and functionality through a variety of materials. At PetLux, we pride ourselves on offering a range of collars that are both visually appealing and purposeful, recognizing that every dog has unique needs.

Our collection encompasses collars tailored for puppies, encouraging play and training, as well as those that seamlessly merge beauty and practicality. We're dedicated to providing you with top-tier products, where the correct collar size not only guarantees your dog's comfort but also adds a stylish flair, making your pet stand out.

PetLux boasts an extensive assortment of contemporary and elegant dog collars catering to all breeds. Options include braided leather, nylon, and linen, each meticulously chosen for unrivaled quality. Opt for a stunning Italian braided leather collar or a sporty nylon alternative – the choice is yours. Craftsmanship and design take center stage, transforming each collar into a cherished accessory for your beloved companion.

Embrace classic, sporty, and durable collar styles, empowering you and your furry friend for extended forest or beach adventures. Discover the ideal collar that complements your dog's unique character and needs at PetLux.

Additional Essentials for Your Walk

 PetLux offers more than just collars and leashes. We provide leashes tailored for small dogs, and our selection includes eco-friendly and biodegradable dog bags for your journey. With a wide array of choices available, you can trust that PetLux has precisely what you and your dog need.

Uncertain about sizing? Many of our collars and leashes come in various lengths. Consult the size guide provided with each collar for reference. Our team is always here to assist you. Feel free to reach out via email or phone, or better yet, visit our store for personalized assistance. Your satisfaction and your dog's well-being are our priorities.