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LickiMats present a distinctive and versatile product line developed by veterinary professionals. These creations are crafted and embraced by passionate pet enthusiasts and caregivers. Their primary goal is to enhance your pet's mental well-being, bolster digestion, and foster oral health.

The concept behind the LickiMat collection revolves around a reward-based treat delivery system that engages pets for extended periods while dispensing small portions of their favorite treats or food. LickiMats are ingeniously designed to offer a medication-free approach to instilling tranquility in your pet, whether they're alone at home or facing stress-inducing situations like storms.

Moreover, the LickiMat range serves as a feeder or gradual feeding solution suitable for most dogs and all cats.

Key Advantages

1. Alleviates Anxiety and Boredom: LickiMat usage brings a soothing effect to your pet as they savor their preferred treats. By encouraging licking action and stimulating your pet's tongue, LickiMat contributes to reducing anxiety and promoting a serene demeanor. This prolonged licking triggers the release of calming hormones in both dogs and cats.

2. Training Support: Pet trainers and animal behaviorists are increasingly incorporating LickiMat into their training methodologies. These mats find utility in various forms of dog training and prove especially effective in expediting crate training. Consult your dog trainer about integrating LickiMats.

3. Enhanced Oral Hygiene: LickiMat operates by stimulating your pet's tongue, boosting saliva production, and consequently cleansing the tongue, teeth, and gums. Tongue scraping leads to fresher breath, and heightened saliva production aids digestion by containing enzymes such as Amylase.

4. Ideal for Dogs & Cats: LickiMat treat makers cater perfectly to both dogs and cats. The distinct surfaces of Buddy™, Playdate™, and Soother™ interact differently with diverse treats and foods. Experiment with them to identify the optimal surfaces for your pets. The Tuff™ models are designed to endure dishwashing and are recommended for pets with a penchant for chewing.

5. Health-Conscious Treats: LickiMat enables you to explore and identify your pet's preferred healthy treats, be it peanut butter, almond butter, yogurt, sardines, pumpkin puree, or crushed biscuits. Revel in the process of uncovering your pet's taste preferences and uniqueness.

6. Prolonged Pleasure with Smaller Treats: LickiMat allows a small quantity of treats to be spread out and enjoyed over an extended period, curbing caloric intake from treats and food. Freezing treats also extends the licking experience.

7. Aid for Grooming, Bathing, and Vet Care: Groomers and veterinarians employ LickiMat to engage and distract pets during grooming, bathing, and vet visits. All LickiMat models are adaptable, and the Splash™ variant comes with a suction cup for wall mounting.

8. Gradual Feeding: LickiMat effectively promotes slower eating for both wet and dry food. Dry food settles into the crevices of Buddy™ and Playdate™, while wet food can be pressed in using a spoon or spatula. Larger dog breeds may require multiple LickiMats for feeding.

9. Medication-Free Calm: LickiMat aids in cultivating calm behavior during periods of solitude or stress like storms and fireworks. It's important to note that LickiMat is not a substitute for medication in certain cases.

10. Cat-Friendly Feeding: LickiMat provides a more natural eating experience for cats, eliminating whisker stress often caused by traditional feeding bowls. Cats frequently opt for LickiMat over standard feeding bowls when given the choice.

11. Exceptional Value: LickiMat offers exceptional affordability. Its durability ensures years of reliable service.